Solution for iphone 8 is frozen and wont turn off

iphone 8 home screen frozen fix

Many iPhone 8 users reported that their screen get frozen and it won’t turn off. The issue is specially seen on iPhone 8 64GB variant. Here we have the fix / solution for iPhone 8 home screen frozen issue.

iphone 8 home screen frozen fix
iphone 8 home screen frozen

In the past we have written an article about this issue assuming it to be a bug. The home screen frozen issue is actually not bug as it is not faced by all iPhone 8 users. But major of iPhone 8 64GB users are facing the issue. It is seems to be problem with some application. Some saying that it is because of YouTube app but not sure.

Solution for iPhone 8 frozen home screen

In our past news article , we wrote that we don’t have fix for it as we thought it was a bug but actually it’s because of some application. We have successfully fix one iPhone 8 which was having the same issue with home screen.

Actually the issue can be fixed by force reset or hard reset of iPhone 8. But many people forget that the process of resetting iPhone 8 is different then those of old traditional iPhone.

Follow this complete guide to hard reset iPhone 8 and the home screen frozen issue will be fix.

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