How to remove music widget from lock screen on iOS 11

iOS 11 music player on iphone

IOS 11 just like all other ios version not free of bugs, we have seen many bugs and
today here we have come across another bug that is the music app notification on lock screen.

The issue is seen on iPhone 6 ,iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 once the device is upgraded to IOS 11.
Till now we can say that it’s a bug on IOS 11, but we have temporary solution for the music app notification issue.

The issue is describe as appearing music app notification on lock screen , even the music app is closed. Some
even trying clearing the music app notification, its gets clear but eventually it come back after sometimes.

iOS 11 music player on iphone

It is that the notification of music app is shown even if you dont have any media files. So to fix this music app notification on lock screen, follow below procedure.

Solution for music app notification on lock screen

On your iPhone go to Settings > Music and turn off “Show Apple Music”- then restart your phone. This may help to fix the issue until the phone connects to car or wireless headphones again.

For many users this happens whenever they turn on Apple TV from IPhone 7 or iPhone 8. This seems to be a Bluetooth bug in iOS 11. Any bluetooth media app will trigger this to occur.

The latest update does NOT fix this bug, and it is ABSOLUTELY a bug. Any bluetooth interaction causes “iphone music” to appear on the lock screen even if NO apps are running whatsoever. iOS is completely riddled with bugs.

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