4 bug of iOS 11 on iPhone 6s plus

4 bug of ios 11 on iphone 6s plus
4 bug of ios 11 on iphone 6s plus
4 bug of ios 11 on iphone 6s plus

It’s just a quick article as I wanted to share my experience with iOS 11 on iPhone 6s plus. Initially there were many bug but some got fix whereas some not yet. Below are the four main issue I faced with iOS 11 on iPhone 6s plus.

4 iOS 11 bug I faced on iPhone 6S plus

1.Reboot issue : The first issue I found is anytime I turn on my iPhone it starts normally, the Apple logo appears and everything seems to be normal, but then when it is close to get to the lock screen or finish the start-up the screen goes black for a second and then it continues like nothing never happened to the lock screen waiting till I unlock it. At the beginning I was so freaked out.


2.App Crash : Certain apps keep crashing for example: WhatsApp, Snapchat, Tumblr, they have a lot of bugs, specially WhatsApp; indeed, the performance of my iPhone sticks and slows down a lot. Sometimes I regret updating to iOS 11. It is like a sticking plaster.


3.Keyboard lag : Keyboard not responding while I write… I can be texting someone, then when I type something it literally appears like 3 seconds after or more, sometimes it happens while I’m using the WhatsApp app too.


4.Battery issue : I’ve never have any problems with the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth or even the Mobile Data, the battery lasts a little less than what it used to last with the iOS 10 update but it isn’t that bad.

I’m sure that those are the 4 main issue faced by ever iPhone 6s plus user after upgrading to iOS 11. I would love to know your experience, do Share it by commenting below.

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