iPhone 8 have no home button with full Screen display

iPhone 8 no home button

From the very first Apple phone to till iPhone 7 there is a home button at the front side of the phone. But lately Apple decided to get ride of this home button. Yes there will be no physical home button in iPhone 8.

Upcoming Apple iPhone 8 will be a bezel less screen phone, having no space for home button. Yes , iPhone 8 front is full cover by display , you will get full screen display leaving no empty space. Which effecting the disappearance of the home button.

But iPhone 8 user don’t need to worry as there is a better alternative Apple have for home button. Apple is testing a new software based gesture to interact with the device.

iPhone 8 no home button

Instead of home button a software bar will appear across the bottom of the screen, so users could swipe up toward the middle of the device to unlock the iPhone. In order to close an app, users will have to drag the bar to the middle of the screen and flick it upwards to close it. This is how iPhone 8 user can control their device. It will easier and user-friendly than that of home button.

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iPhone 8 will have wireless charging, slimmer bezel, a faster processor, a 3D facial recognition sensor. The price for iPhone 8 will likely to start from $1,000 . The new Apple iPhone is planned to launch on 12 September 2017 , at Apple’s iPhone 10 year anniversary event alongside iPhone 7s , iPhone 7s plus , Apple TV set-top-box and Apple watch.

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