On iPhone 8 Activate Siri by Power button

iPhone 8 Siri on Power button

iPhone 8 which is coming with iOS 11 , said to have no home button. Yes there will be no home button on iPhone 8. So to activate Siri on iPhone 8, one have to long press Power button. Pressing long the power button iPhone 8 will activate the voice assistant Siri .

Traditional way to activate iPhone 8 was press the home button. But as of report iPhone 8 will not have home button. Therefore to activate the Siri iPhone 8 user have to long press the home button.

As earlier , iPhone 8 user too can also activate the Siri by voice. The voice command , “Hey Siri” is use to activate voice assistant that is Siri .

Apple may also move all the activities of home button to Power button. But Finger print scanner will be replaced by facial recognition features. Now iPhone 8 user no need to unlock their phone with their finger print , instead it can be easily unlock by recognising their faces.

A Brazilian developer has previously unearthed details of upcoming Apple products in the company’s beta software, including references to a 4K Apple TV in tvOS 11 as well as references in early HomePod firmware to some features widely expected in the company’s upcoming OLED iPhone. 

iPhone 8 Siri on Power button

If you are still unaware let me inform you that iPhone 8 will be launching on 12 September 2017, Alongside iPhone 8 plus, iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s plus will be launching soon.


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