How To Get Paid To Write Subtitles and Captions Online

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Freelancers are always exploring methods of making money online. Getting paid for writing subtitles and writing captions online is one of those methods that freelancers usually love to make some side money.
If you want to make money online for writing subtitles and captions online then you are at the right place. In this article, we are going to cover how to get paid to write subtitles online and how to get paid to write youtube subtitles or captions online.
Everyone watches movies and videos online and sometimes you might have found that the content you are watching is showing subtitles. Subtitle plays an important role in videos or movies.
To get subtitles on videos or movies or content people are paying a good amount of money to freelancers. This business is also growing a bit fast and the availability of jobs in this area is also good.
Becoming a Subtitle writer for Youtube is easy as there is not a high requirement and sometimes YouTubers don’t ask for experience. Even beginners can start making money by becoming Youtuber Subtitle writers or captioners.
In this article, I am going to cover the following points, how to become a subtitle writer, how to get paid to write subtitles for Youtube channels, how much you can earn as a subtitle writer, sites where you can find captioning jobs, and requirements.
What Are Captioning and Subtitles?
What are captioning jobs? Captioning freelancer has to listen to audio and write down what they heard. Write it down as it is.
What are subtitles jobs? In subtitle jobs you have to hear audio and translate it into language, then write it down. Audio can be in any language and you have to translate it into your language.
What Are The Requirements To Become Subtitle Writer
Becoming a subtitle writer is not hard and making money is not costly as it doesn’t ask you to spend money on it. But there are some requirements that you need to fulfill.

Have desktop
Have a good internet connection
Speaker or headphones
Good in writing with creativity
Good in listing audio
Have some basic knowledge of subtitle and captioning

If you are fulfilling the above-mentioned requirement then you can start making money online as a subtitle writer or captioner.
Can I Get Paid To Write Subtitles YouTube and Captions on Youtube?
Yes, you can get paid to write subtitles on youtube and captions on youtube. Youtube supports captions that every video can show. Creators can import IMPEG2 subtitles or in a supported format.
Youtubers are always looking for captioners and subtitlers to make their videos available for everyone and get videos to reach more audiences.
How To Get Paid To Write Subtitles and Captions
There are multiple websites where you can start working as Subtitle Writer for Youtube and other websites or you can choose to become a caption writer.
The websites here are mentioned are easy to approve your application plus high paying.
Vanan  Captioning
Vanan Captioning was founded in 2013 with the vision of providing high-quality Captioning and subtitling services to customers.
It offers different Captioning and Subtitling services and actively hires more freelancers as Captioners and Subtitlers.
They have customers like companies and youtube channels as well. You can probably get a chance to work as a Youtube Subtitle writer as well.
If you think you can just join their team by applying then you are wrong because it is a bit hard to get selected. There are many freelancers applying and they are selecting each freelancer after conducting the screening.
How To Apply:
Income: You can choose your own rates while applying but it will be up to Vanan’s selection team.
Fiverr – Get Paid To Write Subtitles
Fiverr is one of the well-known digital marketplaces where sellers and buyers meet to fulfill their digital requirements.
This is mostly fit for those who are looking to work on Youtube videos or any other social media video content. Because most Youtuber Channel managers prefer to get Youtube Subtitle Writer from Fiverr as they are cheap and good at some point.
First register on Fiverr using this link and then create your own gig. Try to add more images and professional descriptions to attract more buyers. Utilize using keywords is a must.
Speechpad was founded in 2008 as a Translation services provider and currently provides different services like transcription, captioning, and translation.
They mentioned their pay rates hence you have to work on their rates instead of your own. The transcription pay rate is $0.25 per minute to $1.00 per minute while captioning job will earn you $0.30 to $1.00 per minute.
Speechpad pays in US dollars using Paypal. Create a PayPal account if you don’t have one because it is widely used and the safest payment method.
Currently, they are not accepting applications due to a load of applications. Keep checking their page to know if the application is open or not.
3Play Media (Formally Caption Max)
3Play Media was founded in 2007 and in Feb 2022 they acquired CaptionMax this is why CaptionMax is not 3Play Media.
They offer closed captioning, subtitling, transcription, live captioning, audio description, and more premium services to customers from all over the world.
They usually have transcription & captioning jobs on their website which you can find by visiting here.
Vitac is one of the best and highest-reputed companies in this field. It has worked with companies like Fox, Food Network, BBC, CNN, CNBC, Directv, and many more.
They do offer services like Captioning, Audio Description, Subtitling, Transcription, and Spanish Dubbing. You can easily find a job here if you have a bit of experience in any company as they hire professionals most of the time.
On average freelancers working as Captioners here are making around $20 per hour which is not bad. Click here to visit Vitac.
HappyScribe is a platform where you can sign up and apply for available jobs. It offers transcription and subtitling jobs. Most of the available jobs are for Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, German, and Dutch languages.
On average most of the subtitlers are getting $1.10 per minute and $450 every month. The highest-paid subtitler is getting $3000 every month. You will receive payment in your bank.
Click here to visit their website.
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Take 1
Take1 offers different media services including Translation, Transcription, Captioning, Audio Description, Broadcast Scripts, Foreign Language Subtitling, etc.
Visit their website and apply for your preferred job, you can also join them as a freelancer, temporary position, or can get permanent job.
Once you submit your CV and complete the form then you will be asked to complete a spelling test. After that, you will get contacted through email if you are eligible or not.
CrowdSurfWork – Get Paid To Write Subtitles
CrowdSurfWork is a USA-based transcription and captioning service provider. You have to simply register on their platform called Work Market. Once you created an account on Work Market, you can join Crowdsurf from the WorlkMarkets platform. While join Crowdsurf you have to pass an assessment test.
Click here to visit CrowdSurfWork.
Capital Captions
Capital Captions hires only professionals who have some experience in working as captioners. It is a UK-based company serving many big brands like SkyNews, NBC, WarnerBros, etc.
They offer services like captioning, voice-over, and transcription. Click here to visit Capital Captions.
At Captioning Star you can find jobs like Real-Time Captioning, Translation, Subtitling, Live Stream Video Captioning, Language Interpretations, Verbatim Transcripts, Dubbing Voiceover, etc.
They are working in the market since 2007 with partners like LinkedIn, Harvard University, California State University, Grammy, Stillwater, etc.
Click here to apply for Job.
Contact YouTubers To Get Paid To Write Subtitles
The best way to find captioning and subtitling work. You can contact Youtubers who are creating videos regularly so you can get more work to do else you have to keep finding jobs.
Youtubers sometimes don’t want to get subtitles on their old videos hence finding active YouTubers is the only solution. Payment might be not good in comparison to companies or platforms but you can earn easy money.
Can I Earn Money From YouTube Subtitles?
Making money from YouTube subtitles jobs is possible and it is quite fun and easiest job to do for anyone. You can become a Youtube Subtitler writer from anywhere.
How Do You Become A Captioner On YouTube?
To become a captioner on YouTube you have to contact YouTubers on your own or you can join any platform but when you join through the platform you will not get in touch with Youtuber directly.
To become a direct Captioner on Youtube you have to contact each YouTuber on your own.
How do you become a caption writer?
You can become a caption writer by joining any above-mentioned platforms and can start making money as a captioner.The post How To Get Paid To Write Subtitles and Captions Online appeared first on MoneyForWallet.

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