How To Get Paid To Write Poems: 10 Sites To Sell Poems For Money

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It is hard to think that one can make money by writing poems online. But in this online world, anything is possible and yes you can get paid to write poems, in this article we are going to check some best sites to sell poems for money.
Most poet writers are not aware that they can make money online by selling their poems online. It is also not quite a popular way to make money as there are not many poets around there. But still, interested people can find ways to make money online.
There are many legit websites where you can write your poems or can sell your poems online to make money online. Definitely, you are not going to make a huge amount of money by selling poetries online.
10 Best Sites To Get Paid To Write Poems
You don’t need to waste your time finding different websites to know where you can sell your poems. Because here we picked the 10 best sites where you can sell your poems.
You may find blogs where they listed 20 or 25 or 30 to make their list big but here we have chosen the 10 best sites. Our selections are based on payment, trust, user review, activity, etc.
Fiverr is a very well-known marketplace for digital items where you can sell items like SEO services, writing, proofreading, website building, app building, poems, etc.
Yes you can sell poems on Fiverr many of you might not believe this but it is possible to sell poems on Fiverr. Under the Creative Writing categories, you can find many sellers who sold out more than 400 times.
Register yourself on Fiverr and then set up your account. After setting up your account create a gig there and add as much as information you can. As a new account, you should keep your rate lower than others to attract more buyers.
Register Here.
Join Poetry Contests
There are many publications that arrange poetry contests where winners can earn a good amount of money. As there are different publications hosting contests at different times and locations and at different times you will get many chances to improve your poetry and present your poetry.
The toughest part of these poetry contests is that many people are applying contests but winners are few hence there will be tough competition. It is hard to win but you will get the attention of many people who are interested in your poems and probably they might show interest in buying your poems.
Following are the sites and publications where you can present your poems. But maybe you can find a person with whom you can sell poems for money online.

Saturnalia BookAwards
PoetryNation (up to $2000)
BreakWaterView ($10 fee and $1000 prize)

Agni – Publish My Poems For Money
Agni was founded in 1972 which makes it one of the oldest platforms where you can upload poems for money or can send poems to their location.
Agni pays up to $300 per poem, they purchase right from you hence if you are writing something much more valuable then I suggest not going with them and finding a better publisher.
You can submit your poem on their website or you can send a hard copy to their doorstep in Boston. You can expect a reply from them in 2 to 4 months.
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Note: Online Submission Manager is open from Sept 1st to midnight Dec 15th, and again from Feb 15th to midnight May 31st. We welcome manuscripts by mail between Sept 1st and May 31st. (Submissions mailed in June, July, or August will be returned unread, provided sufficient return postage is included.)
Click here to visit their publishing page.
Poetry Foundation – Sell Poems For Money
Poetry Foundation has a small team who read more than 150,000 per year hence you should not expect a fast reply and it might take 8 months to reply.
The payment is a bit high here as they pay up to $10 per line and the minimum payment is $300 per poem.
You can send your poem to their mail ID at “” or you can visit their website and submit your poems as they directed.
50 Haikus
50 Haikus is less paying platform where you can sell your poems for money but it is not a high-paying platform.
The platform allows you to show your creativity in front of readers even though payments are less. You can try to put your poems that are not much used not much valuable.
You can submit up to 5 poems each month and payment is $10 per poem.
Click here to visit their website.
The highest paying publishing platform where you are going to earn $200 per poem after your poem got published. They pay after 1 month of the poem getting published.
Click here to visit their website:
American Journal Of Nursing
American Journal Of Nursing or AJN is a website that publishes poems about different topics. It has received many published awards from different award shows.
You can earn around $150 per poem from this platform. They have more than 100,000 per month who reads articles and poems. You can sell poems for money online on the AJN platform.
Click here to visit their website.
Cricket Media
Cricket Media is a journal and magazine. If you are a cricket or Spider or any other lover then you should choose this platform there are many readers here.
The poetry journals include Cricket, Spider, Cicada, Ladybug, Babybug, etc. If you want to get paid to write poetry on this topic then you are good to go with any of these journals.
The platform pays up to $3.00 per line and the minimum is $25.00 per poem. Link:
VQR – Sell Poems For Money Online
VQR pays $200 per poem and they usually accept 5 poems at once and you will get $1000. They divided articles into 3 different Genres including Poetry, Short Fiction, and Nonfiction. The poetry is small in length.
VQR accepts poems or articles only through their official form hence visit their announcement page here to check out the link and know more bout their platform (Link:
Frequently Asked Question
Where to publish poems for money?
There are many platforms and websites where you can publish poems or poetries for money. Above we mentioned the top 10 websites where you can get paid to write poems.
How to publish poems for money?
At first, you need to understand that your poems should be according to a publisher so they can accept them and you can get paid for them. Publishing poems for money is possible with any of the above-mentioned sites.
Where to publish poems for money
There are many platforms and publishers that are actively looking for poems that are ready to publish. If you have any poems then simply visit any of mentioned sites and get paid for your poems.The post How To Get Paid To Write Poems: 10 Sites To Sell Poems For Money appeared first on MoneyForWallet.

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