Wonolo Reviews: Legit Or Scam Staffing Solution For USA?

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Note: Wonolo is available in selected states of the USA.
Looking for a job or work that can get you paid a good amount of money? Making money from the mobile app is nowadays a very easy and quick way to make money.
At moneyforwallet we already reviewed many mobile-based money-making apps which are generating a good amount of money. But they are not given jobs, earning money from apps is different and getting a job is different.
With Wonolo you will not get 9-5 jobs but yes you will get different types of jobs where you can get tasks to do.
If you want to get hired by some companies for projects and want to improve your skill & knowledge then you must try Wonolo at once.
But before trying it out you should check out these Wonolo Reviews to know if joining Wonolo is worth it or not, legit or a scam staffing solution, what their previous users are saying, etc.
The gig-based jobs are where you will find daily gigs to do but you must become first to grab them as there are many others who are looking for gigs.
What Is Wonolo App?
Wonolo is a gig-based online on-demand staffing solution available in more than 25 states of the USA. There are more than 592K registered Wonoloers and more than 1,803,266 jobs are posted to date.
Wonolo offers a platform where freelancers and workers who are students or person who is looking for some side money should join it.
With the help of Wonolo, you will find work in different categories like Warehouse, Delivery, administration, Even Staffing, merchandising, and General Labor.
Wonolo stands for Work Now Locally, which means local workers can get the opportunity to work locally and earn money for side work.
Keep yourself with this Wonolo reviews to know more about the platform.
What Are the Requirement To Join Wonolo App?
Like every other mobile-based app has requirements Wonolo has some requirements as well which you need to fulfill in order to start making money with Wonolo.

You must have a smartphone
Good internet connection
Clear criminal background
You must be at least 18 years old
Must have a valid security number
Have a US phone number
Have a valid driving license
You must be living in any of the following regions of the USA

Fort Worth
Las Vegas
New Jersey
New York
Raleigh / Durham
Salt Lake City
San Antonio
Tampa Bay

How Wonolo Works For Workers
It will not take much time to start using their app and as it is quite easy to use and understand hence you will get familiar with the Wonolo app very soon.
Let’s understand how you can use their app step by step.
Download Wonolo App
The app is available for mobile users only. You can find their app on Play Store and App Store. Yes, they do not have web-based access for workers.
If you think there is a sign-up button on the website so you can register on the platform then you are wrong because the sign-up button only works for recruiters.
Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wonolodroid&hl=en_CA&gl=US
App Store: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/wonolo/id728948811
Sign Up On The App
In most of the apps, they do ask lots of questions related to users, background, education, etc. But in Wonolo they do ask some questions but they are limited and easy to submit questions.
Simply register using your mobile number or email and then complete your profile to check out available works that you can start working on.
Search For The Work
Most people randomly choose any available work and starts working on it. They do not see the energy they need to put into that work and the income they will generate from that work.
While choosing any work you should check the reward it pays and the cost it includes. Here cost means the time that you are going to put in.
Apply For Job
Wonolo shows the list of available jobs which you can start working on. As it shows works related to your locations so you can find the nearest job to do.
Each job has the following details Company detail, description, wage, time, location, etc. You can use this information to know whether you should do this work or not.
Some works might need Background Check hence you should be ready for it.
Complete Work And Get Paid
You can find works on the dashboard and apply for the job. If your profile got selected then you will get the notification on your mobile.
After getting a notification you can start working on the work you got allotted. Once you complete your work, you need to wait for 1 to 5 days to get paid for your task.
You can get paid to your Stripe account or you can choose Bank to get paid. Or you can choose the last option of a debit card.
Get Reviews To Improve Your Profile
Review is very important to get more jobs and stay in the app. The company that hired will give you a rating on your work.
If your attitude and work are calm and good then you will definitely get 5 stars.
When you complete a job, you get a star rating from the company that hired you. The more positive rating you get the more work you will get.
Try to get a rating of at least 4 or above to increase your chance of getting the job.
How Much Wonolo Pays
Tasks like Warehouse associate, Laborer, Retails reset merchandiser, etc. have similar pay rates. If you are registered on the app and logged in then you will know how much Wonolo pays.
The wage rate is also different for each location. If you are using the Wonolo app in one city then and tried it in another city then you can find differences in wage rates.
Average workers are making $15 to $17 per hour from the Wonolo app.
Wonolo Is Legit Or Scam?
Wonolo seems legit platform to work locally and get paid for it. They have worked with big companies like Papa Johns’s, Peloton, Thistle, Scriptdrop, Edible, Aramark, OnTrac, Armada, etc. which is only possible when you are legit.
On Indeed they have a rating of 3.8 out of 5 from 179 reviews.
On G2 they have a rating of 3.6 out of 5 from 30 reviews.
Now let’s check out reviews on Play Store. The app is listed on both App Store and Play Store.
On Play Store they have a rating of 3.2 out of 5 from 14.5K reviews, and there are more than 1 million downloads.
Most of the negative reviews are saying that customer support is not helpful, there are fewer available jobs, and sometimes they get blocked without any proper reason.
After reading all reviews and the overall app journey, I can suggest giving them once. Wonolo is the legit app that pays you. If you can avoid customer support then everything is good.
There is a downside that is not rated by users but I have to mention that. You can’t cancel shifts with less than 12 hours else your rating will go down.
Work Apps Like Wonolo – Wonolo Alternatives
There are many work apps available on Google but not all are the best alternatives to Wonolo. As Wonolo is available in limited regions they are able to provide the best service to workers and companies.
Few other apps are offering the same services but in more regions like Doordash and GrubHub.
Frequently Asked Questions
Where Is Wonolo Careers Page Found?
https://www.wonolo.com/careers/#jobs is a page where you can find a list of active jobs and open positions. There are more than 20 open positions.
Where Does Wonolo Locate?
Wonolo is a USA-based platform and its headquarters is at 535 Mission St San Francisco, CA, 94105-2997 United States. This is a Wonolo address.
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