Slice The Pie Review: Legit or Scam Site To Earn By Listening Music?

Last Updated on February 18, 2023 by Justin Su
Making money is not hard, there are multiple methods to make money, and completing surveys is one of them. There are many sites where you can complete surveys and earn money.
But there are some sites where you can start making money by answering questions related to music, in short, you can make money by listening to music.
One of the most popular platforms is SliceThePie but why they are getting backlash and losing users? In this SliceThePie review you are going to know if they are legit or scams, how much you can earn, what happened to them, and much more to know.
What Is SliceThePie?
SliceThePie was launched back in 2007 and looks similar to Hit Predictor through which you can earn money by posting your reviews on each song.
SliceThePie is the site where users posts review on different categories of music and items including fashion, sports, mobile phone accessories, folk, modern, etc. It claims to be the world’s largest music review engine that provides its services to companies on their demand as well.
It worked with many major US record labels and thousands of independent artists every month and they are delivering its services to companies at a very economical cost.
As per the website, they have more than 2 million reviewers worldwide and are used to provide real-time insights to music executives, designers, buyers, and merchandisers.
How To Make Money On SliceThePie?
SliceThePie is the site where you can start making money by just spending by few minutes, yes literally you can make a small amount of money by completing surveys related to music.
Register Yourself
To register on the website you have to visit their sign-up page and submit asked details like name, email, gender, and password.
Use your email address that has been used in your Paypal account so you can receive payment to your account directly.
Make sure you accept their terms and conditions before clicking on the sign-up button. You will receive a confirmation email which you have to click on.
Review Music
Now it’s time to review music so for that you have to start listening to the given music and understand what it says and analyze it more in deep.
Once you complete listening to the music now it’s time to review the music. You must share your real thoughts, in case you missed to so you will not get rewarded for it.
You will get rewarded for reviewing each piece of music, the payment will get sent to your PayPal account directly once you reach $10.
Complete Surveys
The platform is not limited to music, but you can also review other items and complete surveys to earn money. Like accessories, games, items, etc.
Get Payout
The minimum payout is only just $10 which you can withdraw using your Paypal account only. You will be asked to submit your PayPal email address on the sign-up page.
SliceThePie usually sends payment every Monday but yes you will receive your payment within a week from the date you requested payment.
SliceThePie Is Legit Or Scam?
The site itself is a legit platform but in recent times it performed very badly which puts them in doubt, whether you should use them or not.
I do not suggest trying this website as there are more negative points than positive ones, let’s check them out one by one.
First, they are not active on social media for the last 2 years, SliceThePie has a Twitter page which is not been updated since 2020 and a Facebook page is not found, they had an FB page which is not currently available, they have even not updated that on their website.
Same with LinkedIn and Instagram profiles both are less active.
Second, no availability of surveys, they do not have any active surveys, I created an account and waited for more than 3 weeks but they do not have any surveys.
Third, In recent days users started posting more negative reviews on rating sites for example on Trustpilot they have a rating of 3.7 out of 5 from 324 reviews.
Now you can decide if you want to use them or not.The post Slice The Pie Review: Legit or Scam Site To Earn By Listening Music? appeared first on MoneyForWallet.

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