JumpTask Reviews: Earn Money Online For Doing Anything

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Making money in the crypto space has lots of opportunities and as it is growing opportunities are also growing fast. If you are excited to make money by completing micro tasks then you are good to go with JumpTask.
Micro tasks like watching videos, completing surveys, playing games, writing articles, and much more. But you have to keep one thing in mind is that you are going to earn your rewards in cryptocurrency.
JumpTask is one such platform where you are going to make money online by completing some simple tasks online. If you are planning to start using JumpTask then you are at the right place.
Because in this article I am going to tell you what is JumpTask, how to make money using the platform, how much you can earn, jumptask is legit or a scam platform, and much more to know in this Jumptask review.
What Is JumpTask?
JumpTask is a crypto platform built to get paid to perform & complete tasks to earn cryptocurrencies. It is similar to any other GPT websites.
It was there since 2021 but launched a working model in January 2022 after which it gained more than a million users who were making free money online for free.
It is a trusted and 100% legit platform where you can earn money or crypto for completing different crypto-related tasks.
There are multiple methods to make money including offers, staking, games, and surveys, and also you can earn using the Honeygain platform.
The earnings will be in crypto, the JumpTask has its own native token called JumpToken and the ticker is JMPT. You simply need one crypto wallet and knowledge of accessing the crypto exchange.
How To Join JumpTask & Requirements
To join JumpTask first you need to have a crypto wallet that can support JMPT tokens. MetaMask is a wallet that can be used to store JMPT tokens.
JumpTask is a mobile and web-based platform hence you can wether download their mobile app or use the website to join.
Visit JumpTask and click on Join JumpTask, now complete the form and you are ready to go to join the platform. Once you complete the sign-up process you can log in and start making money.
How To Make Money Using JumpTask
There are multiple methods to make money online using JumpTask here are examples of them.
Complete Offers & Earn
This is the major main source of making money on JumpTask. There are some tasks which are paying up to $50 and the minimum paying tasks are $0.02.
Tasks include watching videos, viewing ads, purchasing plans, playing games, completing surveys, and much more. Simply choose the task you want to complete, follow up on the instructions  & complete the tasks, your reward will get credited within a few days.
Play To Earn
This is not the place where you are going to play in-game rewards but you have to complete given tasks to earn, tasks related to games. Like install ap & reach this level.
You can find some interesting games here to play you may like to try and check if you can make money or not.
Complete Surveys
At JumpTask you are going to find survey providers like inBrain and CPX Research. It is similar to any other survey platform where you complete surveys and earn money.
Stake JMPT & Earn Reward
You can stake your earned coins or you can purchase a JMPT token from any exchange that supports JMPT tokens. I suggest using the Pancakeswap exchange if you want to get a token.
Simply buy a token on exchange and use the BSC network to stake your token. You can get an interest rate of 16.5%, 23.4%, or 37.9% APR depending on the plan or pool.
JumpTask Is Legit Or Scam
JumpTask is a legit platform and it is absolutely safe platform. A review on Trustpilot says it all. They have a rating of 4.6 out of 5 from 510 reviews. The team has also claimed their profile on Trustpilot which means they are actively seeing reviews and replying.
Their profile on Twitter is also verified and actively post updates over there.
But users on Play Store reported more negative reviews, they have ratings of 3.5 out of 5 from 780+ reviews. On the play store, they have more than 100K downloads. The app is not updated since July 2022 which is not good but not bad as well.
They have formed a partnership with different projects some known names are HoneyGain, OfferToro, Wizardia, inBrain, Multichain, QuillAudits, AyeTStudios, AdGateMedia, RatePunk, and more.
JumpTask Payment Methods
It is possible to earn somewhere around $40 to $60 per month and sometimes you can also make $80 to $100 per month. It depends on the gigs available. Some tasks do pay more and sometimes you get more surveys hence you will get more rewards but when there are fewer tasks and fewer surveys then you will earn small amounts.
Platform is dedicated to crypto users hence payment will be done in crypto only. They have their own token called JumpToken or JMPT which is BSC & ERC20 based.
You can use the Metamask wallet for safer storing of your crypto. It is easy to withdraw your earning in your wallet. There is no minimum payout but yes you need some JMPT to cover your gas fees.
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