iOS 11.0.2 New Bug can’t send Message by Contact list

ios 11.0.2 new bug cant send message by Contact list

iOS 11 the latest iOS version from Apple , Which was recently released had many bugs just like other major iOS Update. But Apple trying its level best to find and fix them all one by one.

After week of the released of iOS 11 , Apple released iOS 11.0.1 and then iOS 11.0.2 in just two weeks of the major iOS update. Trying to fix bugs.

With recent update that is iOS 11.0.2 , Apple fixed the bug that was producing an annoying unwanted noise while making calls on iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus. They fixed the problem with email attachment and also fix the bug Which was hiding photos on album.

But unfortunately this is not the end of all the bugs on iOS 11 , there are many more coming up with the time. Here I’m referring to a new bug report by some iPhone user on Apple discussion forum.

Message sending issue on iOS 11

An iPhone SE user reported that , if he try to send message directly by going to contact list to someone , instead of sending the message the device use to show a pop-up message with contact details. To send message he first need to open message app in the background then only message use to be sent successfully.

ios 11.0.2 new bug cant send message by Contact list

Not only iPhone SE but an iPhone 6s user reported the same bug on a Facebook group. And some other also reported the same bug on Apple discussion forum.

What Others are Saying about the Bug

Satansangel : Hi


If you select send message from your contacts screen it opens the message app but not a new message with the contact defaulted. This used to work before I updated my IOS this morning to 11.0.2.


I found that you must have the message app open first, then go to contacts, select send message and then it will pop up with a new message and the contact info defaulted.

JustAddVodka : The bug appeared in IOS 11.0.0 and they still haven’t fixed it 11.0.1 and 11.0.2

AleksYa : Iphone SE, the same bug. If message app was not opened before you hit ‘send message’ it will just open an app without actual send message with contact info window.

Possible Solutions

No one is sure about how to fix this new bug on iOS 11.0.2 till now but still we have some common solution which you can try to deal with this bug.

You can try to reset the device or restart the device , try restore from backup , try restore to factory. Test your device after each step and see if it helps.

Do let us know if you are also facing the same issue and also let us know if you have found fix for the same by commenting below.

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