Apple slow down old iPhone performance to sell new iPhone

Apple slow down old iPhone performance to sell new iPhone

Are you an Apple device user ? if then, have you experienced poor performance after Apple introduce new version of that device. Well many Apple device user mentioned that their device ( old device ) start performing poorly after new upgraded version of that device is launched on market.

Many Apple customer believe that Apple does that knowingly, but we cannot say how much it is fact. As one have proof yet that it is done knowingly by Apple.

This issue became a trend and it happens before the launch of every new Apple products. What Apple does is that, they will provide iOS update before their new products get on market. The iOS update in their previous device and other older brings some additional features and thus making its performance down. That is what many Apple customer , says.

Why Apple slow down performance of old device ?

Many news site and other organisations claim that Apple does it knowingly. They make the performance of the older device poor before their new device are sold on market. Which people call its as indirect promotion or marketing.

Poor performance of the older device will annoy the use , thus making them convince to upgrade to Apple’s newly launched device. Here when I say device, it includes Apple iPhone, iPad etc.

Recently Apple launched three Apple iPhone that is iPhone 8 , iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X ( iPhone 10 ). After they introduced this 3 iPhone, they start rolling out update for iOS 11. Those three device comes with iOS 11 and they are built for iOS 11 , so they will surely perform good.

But what about the older device like iPhone 5 or iPhone 6 . Apple start giving iOS 11 update to all its Older device. Which then making those devices slower. Because those devices have old hardware and those hardware are not as advance as iPhone 8 and iPhone X. So ultimately there will be slow performance.

Apple slow down old iPhone performance to sell new iPhone
Image credit : Daily Mail

Recently Express , which is a news company, they also published an article on this topic. Because it became a concern for all. When we see the search term like ” iPhone slow ” ” Why iPhone slow down” etc many Apple customer are facing this issue. There are thousands searching this search terms on Google and searching for the solution but unfortunately there is no solution.

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Only thing that one can do , is to downgrade iOS version to that previous version . That is the only solution.

Even a petition was created to Apple, which reached more than 330,000 signatures online.

Complaint On Apple Discussion

A guy on Apple discussion forum posted this issue regarding iPad 2 and his sister’s MacBook as below :

I am so upset with apple because I have an iPad 2 that I literally rarely ever used and is pretty much new but yet it’s so slow. This started after I updated my ipad I hadn’t updated my iPad for about 2.5 years and then all of a sudden it just completely slowed down! I am a die-hard apple fan I’ve had everything apple for about a decade because I thought and always believed that they made superior products. But now I am realizing that their products are not made to last! I am not the only one with this problem either my sister has a white apple macbook and same thing has happened to her! Her macbook is horribly slow and just a terribly laptop now she has only had it for about 3 years and it is literally worthless now. i don’t get it apple! Why do you do this to your customers! You create nice products that only seemed to be temporary you are ripping us off! Why now i don’t even want to buy an iPhone I’m trying to look for alternatives! Please answer my question! Does anyone else have this issue with their apple products? This seems so suspicious!  I even refuse to update my macbook air because i am afraid apple is going to slow it down!

iPhone slow tweet

Also you can see below tweet as a reference what people are saying about iOS update for old Apple devices :

It is not the first time, that Apple devices are getting slower after upgrade but it became a trend. How long are we going to suffer it and how long are we going to be silent. Share this article on Facebook Twitter and all other social site , spread the message and let our voice reach to Apple.

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