YouTube Monetization: How Many Views Do You Really Need?

YouTube is one of the most famous video hosting sites for people to showcase creativity and uniqueness through content.

While it is an excellent source of entertainment for many, it is also a lucrative way to earn money with the right skills and knowledge.

If you are creating a YouTube channel, you may want to find out how many views to make money from YouTube. 

Before making money, you’ll need 4,000 watch hours within 12 months and many things to pass. 

In this post, you’ll read how to start making money with YouTube and more tips to guide your journey.

How Many YouTube Views Do You Need To Earn Money

Before making money from YouTube, you must have at least 1,000 subscribers to get the average YouTube pay rate. 

You also need 4,000 watch hours for the past 12 months, have an AdSense account, and apply for the program. 

Before you can cash out your earnings, you must have $100 in your balance from video views. 

An average video with 1,000 views can earn $5, so you may need at least 20,000 views before YouTube pays you. 

This profit comes from the various ads viewers can watch in your clips, so you get paid through ads. 

But Google only gives you 68% of the revenue when you post ads from AdSense, so if it generates $100, you get $68.

How to Start Making Money on YouTube 

Initially, it may seem easy to produce a YouTube video and consider your possible income, but there are some things to consider. 

It is vital to know your target audience because you’ll have an idea of what type of content you’ll produce. 

From there, you can start to build your audience and the specialized content so you can attract more brands.

It would help if you also had the right equipment like a camera, microphone, editor, and maybe lighting materials.

They can help you produce quality output, primarily if your content focuses on beauty, vlogs, and more. 

Finally, you must plan your regular video postings and use keywords to help drive traffic to your YouTube channel.

These steps are a little more on the technical side of making money on YouTube but are essential to making you successful.

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How Much Money Youtubers Make

YouTubers make money from the ads in their videos, and there are different numbers on how much they make.

For example, Jimmy Donaldson, also known as MrBeast, is the highest-paid YouTuber in the world. 

According to Statista, MrBeast earned $54 million as of 2021, and as of 2022, he is making somewhere between $3 to $5 million monthly. 

However, despite being the highest-paid YouTuber, MrBeast isn’t the most subscribed channel on the platform.

As of 2022, T-Series, an Indian music video channel, currently has 227 million subscribers with more than 17,000 videos. 

Meanwhile, MrBeast has 106 million subscribers with 729 videos currently posted on his channel.

Therefore, it shows that earnings on YouTube consider many factors, especially with video engagement.

You may have fewer subscribers, but you can earn more if many people engage with your videos.

How to Monetize Your YouTube Channel

It is a YouTube content creator’s dream to get their channel monetized because it helps them earn.

Whether a side hustle or a full-time source of income, it is a good idea if you want to find a lucrative and fun activity. 

Because you don’t automatically receive payments once you start your channel, this guide will help you monetize your videos.

You can start earning from their program and outside the platform through ads, sponsorships, and partnerships. 

Follow the YouTube Monetization Requirements

Before monetizing your channel, you must apply to their partnership program with set requirements. 

It would help if you had at least 1,000 subscribers, 4,000 watch hours, and their community guidelines and terms of service compliance. 

Apply to the YouTube Partner Program

The standard way to make money on YouTube is through the YouTube Partner Program that pays you through AdSense. 

Once you become their partner, your channel can display ads that will be your income source when you upload videos. 

When a viewer watches the ad, you are already generating revenue and splitting parts with YouTube.

When you meet all the requirements in the program, proceed to YouTube Studio and tap the Monetization button in the navigation bar. 

A blue button will open the program terms and conditions if you are eligible to proceed. 

Once you review it, you can make an AdSense account and connect it to your YouTube channel.

YouTube will review your request and email you whether your channel passed the monetization application.

Enable Monetization on YouTube

Once you get the approval of YouTube, you can now enable monetization for your videos. 

Monetizing videos has no limit as long as it follows the guidelines, but it is best to monetize them after approval. 

If YouTube finds something violating its guidelines and terms, it can demonize it.

Avoid Copyright Strikes

As mentioned, YouTube is strict with its monetization rules and includes copyright strikes.

This copyright covers music, audio, and other copyrighted works, so ensure that you only post original videos. 

If YouTube catches you using other people’s works, they will remove ads and suspend your partnership and your account. 

You get a warning and other options to try and solve the problem, so don’t worry if you did not intentionally violate it. 

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Different Types of YouTube Ads

YouTube opened its doors to different advertising companies wherein the ads available to display are continuously increasing.

If you are not on YouTube premium, you may experience watching an ad or two while watching a music video.

That is because there are more online advertising gimmicks, so YouTubers will continue to earn too.

Non-Video Ads

The non-video ads are a more affordable way to advertise products on YouTube and don’t play like a video.

Instead, the ads are photos with text beside the product’s image and a button that leads viewers to their website. 

It appears on the right part, along with other results, when a video is playing or over a video that monetizes it.

When appearing in the video, it looks like a banner ad that makes money on a cost-per-click basis. 

Discovery Ads

Discovery ads are similar to a Google search ad, where the advertisement appears along with other search results. 

The ads copy how a typical video result shows up so you can view it semi-organically as a search engine. 

But unlike other video results in the list, you can find “Ad” to indicate that it is a paid advertisement.

It has a thumbnail and a few text lines that allows visibility when appearing on watch pages, home pages, and results pages. 


Skippable ads are the typical in-stream ads you see when watching videos and can appear before or during it. 

The video ad plays for a minimum of five seconds before the viewer can skip it, but the ad itself needs to be at least 12 seconds long. 

YouTubers get paid as long as viewers don’t skip ads and watch the first five seconds of the ad.

Aside from the video, there is also a banner ad that remains even if viewers skip the ad. 


Non-skippable ads play before or during a video, but the users cannot skip it so that advertisers can reach better. 

Because many people skip ads when watching videos, this ad allows a brand or even advocacy to raise more awareness. 

Instead of cost per click, the non-skippable ads get charges depending on the impression per 1000 views. 

Bumper Ads

Bumper ads are non-skippable video ads that last for six seconds before the actual video plays. 

If brands want a quick message to show the audience, this ad is their best choice for promoting events or websites. 

Since it only lasts six seconds, advertisers must produce an impact-driving video to get their message straight.

Best Successful YouTube Channel Ideas

YouTube is a large platform that features different videos, almost encompassing every type of genre there is. 

When you type in a random question or topic, there could be a list of videos about it.

It may be similar to Google, except that YouTube provides a solution in the form of video and entertainment. 

Because of its expansiveness, choosing which theme you want to try may be a bit overwhelming.

Choosing which path to walk on can either backfire or be your most successful decision. 

However, you also want to choose something that interests you but simultaneously has a demand for an audience. 

So this section will discuss different channel ideas to help you land a path you want to take an interest in growing. 


Vlogging is one of the most famous channel ideas on YouTube because it is carefree, and many people enjoy watching it. 

Viewers will love it if you are passionate, choose an exciting topic, and have quality editing.

The most common type of vlog is lifestyle vlogging, where you film your daily life activities.

You may feature your school, work, hobbies, friends, and almost everything you are comfortable sharing. 

If you enjoy traveling and relaxing after a long week, you can also try another type of vlogging: travel vlogging. 

Viewers usually look for people with first-hand experience traveling to a place they want to try. 

It is where you come into the picture and try to explore a good place that other travelers want to visit. 

Your viewers will love watching it and get sponsors if you provide authentic reviews.


Makeup and skincare are the trends these days, and many people want to know how to put them on properly.   

If you have the skills, you can help people who are starting to learn in their makeup journey and transform them beautifully. 

There are also makeup challenges to try so you can express your creativity through your face and palettes. 


Fitness is also a great idea, especially as more people put more effort into caring for themselves. 

You can share your love for working out with people who want to try it at home and improve their lifestyle. 

You can use this platform to share your knowledge if you have a secret to achieving a toned body.


You have a place on YouTube if you are crafty, creative, and resourceful because many people do a lot of DIY projects.

If you have a talent for DIY crafts like creating accessories, pottery, and more, this idea could be your forte. 

You can also teach some life hacks you know and share them with your audience or review life hacks posted in articles to try. 

Food Review

In food vlogging, you can cook or taste food and let your viewers watch and enjoy the food through the screen. 

If you have a talent for cooking, you can try showcasing different recipes you are good at or want to try. 

You can also try tasting food from different restaurants or cuisine and review it for your viewers.

Since cooking and eating can be costly depending on what you want, you’ll have to invest your money first. 

However, when brands enjoy your content, they can sponsor your videos and start to earn and get free food for promotions.



Game streaming is the trend as more computer games become famous and a lucrative way to earn. 

PewDiePie is the first individual to reach 100 million subscribers on YouTube, and his channel features gaming. 

You can also delve into this path and post videos of you recording yourself while playing new or popular games. 

It would be nice to showcase your excellent skills to your viewers because it helps pull in more views. 

If you are an avid fan of computer games, you can show off your skills and even teach people how to play. 

Tech Review

If you are tech-savvy, this channel idea may be perfect for you because technology is always a relevant topic. 

Viewers usually want to watch reviews before buying a product, especially with gadgets, because they cost a lot more. 

You can help by sharing your knowledge and comparing gadgets to help people decide what to buy. 

If you already have a growing love for gadgets and collect them, it is a good idea to start with them first. 

You can share your favorite specifications, what to watch out for when buying, and how good it is. 

Then, if you generate income or find sponsors, you can now venture into more gadgets and compare brands.

Many people love watching comparison videos because it helps them determine which is a better choice without spending. 

Toys Review

For kids and kids at heart, you can find happiness in posting toy reviews from different characters and brands. 

You can be an adult and review toys, especially collector’s items that can be rare limited editions or latest releases. 


They say laughter is the best medicine, so comedy can attract many audiences as long as you hit good humor.

It can be prank videos, stand-up comedy shows, or an impression of a random character that people love.

It can be the right track if you prepare good content that many people will relate to and vibe. 


As the second largest search engine, YouTube is a platform where many users find solutions to their questions. 

In this sense, creating an educational video is perfect for people who want to study specific school subjects. 

Students typically go to YouTube to search for crash courses online because they are free and easy to understand. 

So if you have a knack for teaching math, science, English, history, etc., an educational channel is the best choice.

News Channels

Voicing out your theories and opinions also has a place in the YouTube community because there may be people who share the same.

You can deliver news to your audience, whether from your local area, nationwide, or global announcement, and react to it. 

It can be a safe place for you and others who want to speak up against practices that do not fit in society. 

You can also share your thoughts about economic, social, and global issues, especially if you want to make a change. 

Science and Experiment

For all the science geeks out there, the experiment channel idea is a unique idea to do in your video. 

It can be a viral video about a hydraulic press, creating a jelly pool, exploding food, lighting the blackest black, and more. 

You can think of the most random things to experiment with, and people will find it fascinating. 

Photography and Videography

People with an artistic sense tend to lean more toward photography and videography as their YouTube careers. 

If you are interested in taking photos and videos, you can create content focusing on these topics. 

It can be about teaching how to take excellent photos and clips, basic to skilled techniques, and reviewing gadgets used in filming. 

You can also teach your audience how to edit and produce quality outputs if you have a professional background.

These days, taking photos and videos of random strangers and making them into a masterpiece is the trend.

You can think of a similar gimmick and share it on your channel, as many people love watching it. 

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Final Thoughts

Whether you are a YouTuber or have already started the journey, you need to start somewhere, even with ten subscribers and one video view. 

It may be a little overwhelming because there are a lot of content creators across the platform, but you need to be consistent. 

Upload as many YouTube videos as possible and be consistent with your quality so more people will follow your channel. 

Once you reach 1,000, it will be a snowball effect, and your views and subscribers will continue to increase. 

And when you can finally monetize your channel, take advantage of different strategies to boost your revenue. 

The minimum requirements for making money from YouTube will seem easy and near as long as you are also enjoying it. 

When your contents reflect your passion, the journey is not a long way anymore, and many people will support you. 

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