Solved iOS 11 keyboard lag problem on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

iOS 11 keyboard lag problem

Here is the solution/fix for another issue for iOS 11. The problem is with keyboard/keypad. Many have reported that they are facing lag on keyboard on iOS 11.

The problem is not only in one app but it is reported in many app like safari browser, Facebook app etc. Also some iOS 11 user reported that sometimes their device freezes.

The iOS 11 keyboard lag is mainly seen on the new iPhone model that is iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus. The error is term iphone keyboard not popping up
, iphone keyboard lag, iphone keyboard not working properly, iphone 6 keyboard letters not working , iOS 11 keyboard lag etc. Even some iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s user also reported this keypad not working issue.

iOS 11 keyboard lag problem
iOS 11 keyboard lag problem

If you are one of them, who is facing this keyboard issue on iOS 11 then you are on right place. Here we have the solution for this lagging issue of iOS 11.

Solution for iOS 11 keyboard lag

iCloud documents and data

Something it could be your iCloud connected account which is creating the keypad lag issue, as the backup is always taking place in the background. So what you can is just Go to settings and turn off iCloud documents and data. After which restart your iPhone once. It should resolve this. This solution worked for many iPhone 8 user Who were facing lagging issue, hope it work for you too.

Disable Predictive Keyboard

Predictive keyboard option disable
Predictive keyboard option disable

Predictive typing is the small bar that appears on top of the stock iOS keyboard and displays suggested phrases. To disable it, go to Settings > General > Keyboard. Scroll down and you should see a toggle labelled Predictive. Turn it off to disable Predictive keyboard.

Turn off check spelling

Disable check spelling on iPhone
Disable check spelling on iPhone

To turn of auto spelling checker , follow below steps.

  1. Go to Settings > General.
  2. Open Keyboard.
  3. Scroll down and toggle off “Check Spelling”.

Hopefully it will reduce the lag , even if it doesn’t completely solve it as it will reduce the work load on your keyboard.

Reset All Settings

Reset All Settings on iPhone
Reset All Settings on iPhone

It might also be the wrong configuration on your iPhone that is causing the keypad lag issue. So to solve/fix it , you can Reset all settings by below steps.

  1. First Go to Settings and then General.
  2. Scroll to the bottom and tap Reset.
  3. Choose Reset All Settings and enter your passcode if required. This will not remove any data from your device. It will only reset the settings of your device.

This could probably solve the lagging issue, as it is resetting all the settings on your iPhone or iPad.

By now hope the keyboard freezing issue is fixed for you. if not the last and final solution is to hard reset your iOS device including iPhone iPad or iPod touch. To hard reset follow this hard reset guide.

Do let us know which solution worked for you, as it will help us to understand the problem deeper and also it will help other iOS 11 user who are facing the same issue.

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