What is open source software?

Open source or open source is called a software whose source code is open to all. Code of such software can be modified by any person, contributing to his development or using it for free in his own work.

In the twenty-first century, Buddhist property rights will be an important role. Open source software has a different kind of intellectual property rights, so its importance can not be denied. It may be that in the coming tomorrow, the direction of information technology depends on this. That is why knowing open source software, understanding its significance, and assimilating it with intellectual property authority is extremely important.

Misconceptions about Open Source Software

Logo of the Open Source Initiative
You do not even think that open source software is only for computer scientists but not for the common man. It could have been fine a few years ago, but not today. I am not a computer scientist but my computer has no proprietary software. In today’s date open source software has to do all the work done in the office, write, go to the Internet, give different kind of PowerPoint presentation, listening to songs, watching DVDs, blogging, and anything else that we all want to do. Simple as it is in proprietary software. The best part is that there is no scope for Intellectual Property Rights and there is no question of freedom from the money spent by the common man and theft of software.

To understand this article, there is no need of computer knowledge. This article is really for the common man. It wants to attract your attention to the legal issues associated with open source software, which we are not paying attention to, lest it be too late when we think about paying attention.

You do not even think that you will not understand this. I work on the computer but I am not a computer scientist, nor do I have any information about the computer. There is no such thing in this article that a common person can not understand.

What is open source software
Money can not be taken for free software. If the software does not get money, how will it work? Then the business class felt that the free software was useless and they kept it very far from it. Although money can be earned from free software, but its method is different, but there is some sort of free software on the free software that merchants can keep away from adopting other ways.

The source code of the software should be published;
No royalty can be taken for the software;
Everyone will have freedom to modify the source code.

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