New Apple TV Set top box Support 4k Content

New Apple TV set-top-box

One of the biggest Apple event to be held on September 12 2017 but Apple yet didn’t send out the invitations. In this even not only iPhone 8 but there will be more device revealed like iPhone 7s , 7s plus , Apple Watch and New Apple TV set-top-box.

A rumours claim that Apple will reveal a new upgraded Apple TV alongside iPhone and Apple watch on this September event. The new Apple TV will be able to stream 4K content, and have a faster processor as well. It is also reported that Apple will be upgrading it’s Apple TV App , so that it can promote and highlight service that provides live streaming.

To enjoy 4k content at 4k resolution , user have to connect with the TV that support 4k resolution. Apple TV was last updated on 2015 , So it became necessary for Apple to upgrade it, as to meet the new market requirement. Apple is also discussing with Content maker like Netflix and Vevo to support 4k and HDR Content on Apple TV.

New Apple TV set-top-box

Soon media and Apple partners will be invited for the September event of 2017. Where Apple will be launching 3 new iPhone phones. Which includes iPhone 8 , iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s plus Along with Upgraded Apple TV set-top-box and Apple watch. iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus are the primary focus of this event. As it comes with some new awesome features with it.

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