iPhone 8 home screen freeze bug

iphone 8 home screen frozen fix

On 26 September 2017, an iPhone 8 64GB variant reported a bug on Apple discussion. The bug was related to home screen touch on iPhone.

“I woke up this morning to a frozen home screen on my iPhone 8 64 gb.  The alarm went off like normal, and I could remove notifications from my lock screen, as well as swipe into the camera.


However when I unlocked my phone, I could not click on any of the app icons, with the mail icon greyed out like I had clicked it.  I could open the control center, which worked like normal except that it wouldn’t let me into the calculator or camera apps.  I cannot swipe left to the notifications or right to the 2nd page


I tried force restarting, which didn’t restart the phone.  I held the down volume and power button for over a minute.


What can I do?  Withforce restart not working do I have to wait for the battery to drain and then recharge?”,he reported.

iphone 8 home screen frozen fix
iphone 8 home screen frozen

According to the report posted on Apple discussion forum , iPhone 8 home screen get frozen. After which the which the phone becomes useless. Once the iPhone home gets frozen , the user becomes unable to do anything on that device.

More than 150 iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus reported the same bug. We thought that the bug was fixed/solved in recent updates that iOS 11.0.3 but actually it is not.

Not only iPhone 8 device but also the bug is reported on other iOS devices like iPhone 6s.

On 22 October 2017 the same bug is reported by another iOS device user who is facing the same issue on iPhone 6s.

“My 6s has done this a few times since the update, so my guess is a software issue. I’ve had to wait until the battery dies and restart it, as my volume button and home button work,  but pressing them together just brings up Siri”, he reported.

So in conclusion we can say that the home screen frozen bug is still not fix on iOS 11.0.3. And therefore we can expect Apple to fix it in its next iOS 11 update. So, for the you can need to share this news articles till it reaches the ear of Apple.

Source : Apple discussion forum

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