iOS 11 have Cop Button feature to Disable Touch ID in emergency

Cop Button to disable touch id

Security and privacy are of high important in this growing tech world. Seeing the need for security , Apple is adding a new feature in iOS 11 . This security and privacy feature is about the Touch ID of iPhone and iPad.

To disable touch id of your iPhone you need to switch off your iPhone and after some days it ask for passcode , this is how touch id is currently disable. Another current way of disabling touch id is by visiting the settings of your iPhone and disabling it manually from there.

But with iOS 11 iPhone user can instantly disable the touch id . To disable touch id in emergency case , user need to tap on the touch id continuously for 5 time. Doing this the touch id will be disabled temporarily. After which iPhone will not be unlocked until users enter passcode.

A programmer found out this touch id disabling feature in iOS 11 beta. The feature will be of great help , when the iPhone owner is physically Force to unlock the phone. In this emergency case the user can simply tap the touch id for 5 time quickly and the touch id will be disabled.

Cop Button to disable touch id

iPhone 8 which is an upcoming iPhone , it is coming with iOS 11. Therefore iPhone 8 user will get this security feature on their iPhone 8. Also it is said that iPhone 8 will have facial recognition feature. Which means tapping on touch id 5 time quickly will not only disable the touch id but it will also disable the facial recognition feature too.

iOS 11 to be roll out for the existing device soon , so once you get iOS 11 you can give it a try. You can also try iOS 11 beta version, as iOS 11 beta is already available.

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