Making money online is a hard enough job on its own. Making money with DHgate is a whole other challenge. Fret not, however. Whether you want to sell products or you’re into affiliate marketing, there are tons of ways to get it right. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a pro at working online; you can incorporate any of the following ideas!

When publishers first try to make money with DHgate, they have no idea where to start. Especially when it comes to advertising products they’re unfamiliar with.

Even when you’re familiar with the products, it can be a struggle!

That’s why, between finding a niche and advertising on social media, online jobs take a lot of energy.

Consequently, every publisher needs to thoroughly research how to make money using DHgate. Including the methods offered in this article. If one way doesn’t work, try something new until you get it right. Keep reading for the best ways to make money with DHgate.

What is DHgate?

When it comes to e-commerce platforms, is a great choice. DHgate is a world-wide, Chinese wholesale marketplace created by Diane Wang in August 2004. The name “DHgate” refers to Dunhuang, a modern city in the Chinese province of Gansu.

The word “Dunhuang” used to mean a point on the Silk Road that used to connect China to the entire world. The name still carries the same intention when used at

DHgate not only connects China to the online world but also any country that uses it. DHgate facilitates the sale of products from suppliers to retailers of varying sizes. allows for both Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer transactions.

By the end of 2020, DHgate accumulated over 30 million users. With so many users, there must be great features to keep them coming back, such as:

  • Proper security;
  • High-quality products;
  • Low prices;
  • Large variety of stock.

DHgate avoids scam sellers and buyers through its buyer protection. The safety features include escrow protection, mediation services, and fair refund policies. You can rest assured knowing your money and products are safe in DHgate’s hands.

DHgate is also praised for providing high-quality products. The best part is that their products are all sold at an affordable price. This is because many DHgate users are wholesalers.

As well, DHgate offers a wide selection of products and categories to choose from.

You may be asking yourself at this point, “Can you make money from DHgate?” What you should actually be asking is, “How much money can you make on DHgate?” If you try out some of the options below, you’ll find out exactly how much you can make.

How to Make Money with DHgate

There are two main ways to make money with DHgate. Either directly through the DHgate marketplace or as an affiliate of DHgate.

Whichever route you decide to go—it’s best to do both if you can—you’ll need to advertise.

That’s why we’ve also included the best platforms to use and tips on how to use them.

The best part about DHgate is the wide selection of products that they have for sale. This means that a publisher has a better chance of finding a product niche in which they are interested.

It’s not only tedious to sell products you have no interest in, but it also harms your sales. The more options you have to choose from, the more likely you’ll make sales every month.

Without further adieu, let’s get into the two different ways to go about making money from DHgate.

DH Marketplace

If you’re still a bit lost, DHgate is an online marketplace that allows anyone to buy or sell stock legitimately. Whether you’re the buyer, seller, or affiliate, there are amazing features on DHgate:

  • Various payment options;
  • Detailed seller and product information;
  • Advanced delivery tracking.

Compared to other e-commerce sites, DHgate offers a wider selection of payment options. Every user can choose their preferred payment method from one of these options:

  • Credit card;
  • Debit card;
  • E-wallet;
  • Bank transfer.

DHgate also offers in-depth information on both the sellers and products available. Detailed product reports reduce the number of broken or incorrectly advertised products.

Each product must have high-quality product images and can include videos. This allows users to get a realistic feel for what they could purchase.

Another great benefit of DHgate is the advanced shipment methods. DHgate offers a tracking service for any product bought through their website. Whenever you buy something, you’ll immediately receive an associated tracking number. After 5–10 days, you can use this number to track your products’ movements.

If you decide to go the route of selling products online, take a look at DHgate’s most popular categories:

  • Cellphones and accessories;
  • Electronics and cameras;
  • Sports and outdoors;
  • Health and beauty;
  • Shoes and accessories;
  • Home and gardening;
  • Toys and gifts;
  • Jewelry and watches;
  • Wedding and formal events;
  • Apparel.


Affiliate Marketing

The best ways to make money using DHgate all involve affiliate marketing. It’s the same as selling products on DHgate’s marketplace without you needing to store any products. Your affiliate partner takes care of all product-related issues. Your job is simply to advertise and bring in as many buyers as you possibly can.

Affiliate marketing refers to the relationship between an affiliate company and their publishers. Affiliate marketing relies solely on affiliate links and referral links. There are two main types of affiliate links that you’ll come across:

  • Standard links;
  • Deeplinks.

Your affiliate partner will always provide you with a standard link. These links redirect users back to the advertiser website’s homepage.

The other type of affiliate link is a deeplink.

Deeplinks direct users directly to product pages and therefore generate the most revenue. Deeplinks drastically increase the number of product sales made each month! If you join a partner network, you can generate as many deeplinks as you need to boost your revenue.

Affiliate links are unique to the publishers that created them. That means if someone else tries to use your links as their own, it will still be tracked back to you. You can rest assured knowing your income is safe!

If you want to partner with DHgate, it’s best to use a platform called the Admitad Partner Network.

This amazing tool mediates the interactions between publishers and affiliate programs. Through Admitad, you can partner with multiple advertisers, all in the same place!

The Admitad Partner Network ensures all affiliate exchanges are smoothly executed. Admitad offers publishers the chance to connect to popular brands worldwide, such as:

  • Nike;
  • Shein;
  • Adobe;
  • Emirates;
  • AliExpress;
  • Raid: Shadow Legends.


Check For More Brands Now!

Within affiliate marketing, there are various ways that your partner can pay you. Most affiliates rely on links, as they generate income through users clicking on them. However, affiliates can pay you when users do the following:

  • Sign up for email notifications;
  • Register on the affiliate website;
  • Share posts, articles, or product pages;
  • Become a member;
  • Buy a monthly subscription.


Places to Advertise

Once you start with affiliate marketing, you’d think making money with DHgate would be simple. Most publishers quickly prove this theory wrong.

Affiliate marketing is by no means easy.

Affiliate marketing requires consistent effort every day for months on end. Well, only the months in which you want to make money!

Most of the time, publishers have no idea where to start when it comes to advertising. There are so many platforms available, but which one is right for your selected niche?

The answer, at the end of the day, doesn’t concern the platforms at all. It all has to do with the amount of effort you’re willing to put in.

Whether you decide to make a blog or even a website dedicated to your advertiser, put all your effort into it.

The more effort you can put in, the more platforms you have to advertise on. If you want to reach that 100K a year goal, you’ll have to use all the tools available to you!

Though, if you’re really stuck, try starting with one of the below options.

Social Media

‘How to make money on DHgate’ becomes a redundant question if you know how to use social media properly.

You can list as many products on DHgate as you want, but not enough people will see them. The same goes for your affiliate links. The more places they’re visible, the more income you stand to make.

Your audience is the biggest factor in social media marketing. In sales, they say that the customer is always right, and the same applies online.

Take a look at the following tips and see how you can incorporate them:

  • Use high-quality images and illustrations;
  • Be honest about the products;
  • Provide worthy recommendations;
  • Gain users’ trust.

The factor that draws the most users to a post online is aesthetics. High-quality photos are necessary to grab your audience’s attention. Providing access to high-quality products also makes a huge difference.

Be honest if your products are of poor quality or have flaws. Rather let your viewers know what they’re getting into. Some people will buy the products either way because they don’t mind the faults!

Though the best route is to find only the best products for your social media posts. The better the recommendations you provide, the more your audience will trust you.

That’s another huge factor: trust.

The publishers who make a steady income every month have returning customers. These viewers will only come back to your channels if they can trust the products you recommend!

If you’ve got a social media account, take advantage of any monetization options they have. Most sites need you to have a certain number of views or followers before you can activate them, though. That’s why many publishers use a handy tool called ConvertSocial.

ConvertSocial allows users to monetize social media accounts and messaging platforms. The most common sites that ConvertSocial can monetize include:

  • WhatsApp;
  • Telegram;
  • Facebook;
  • LinkedIn;
  • Instagram;
  • Snapchat;
  • Pinterest.



Another simple answer to “how to make money online using DHgate” is by influencing. Children as young as 11 and people well into their 80s are all becoming influencers. Most of them do it for fun or for attention. But publishers can harness this tool to make a solid income every month.

Influencing, similarly to social media, requires a decent level of social skills. If you struggle socially, try a more secluded affiliate marketing platform. Like blogging or building a website. For those brave enough for the challenge, try your hand at making an influencer video.

Influencers have a unique power of persuasion when it comes to their audiences. Influencers must devote time to gaining the complete trust of their audience. Only once that’s in place can an influencer convince their audience to buy certain products.

Publishers can do the exact same thing. Except publishers will be recommending affiliate products instead of their own. Though, if you can promote your own products as well, you’ll earn a much better income!

Take note of these tips you can use when you attempt to post sponsored influencer content:

  • Post content regularly;
  • Make use of hashtags;
  • Collaborate with others;
  • Focus on customers over income.

The best influencers post often. At least every second to third day, or once a week. At minimum! And remember to use relevant hashtags in all your posts. You don’t have to use all the hashtags in existence—just enough to make a difference.

Collaboration and customer care are the most important parts of being an influencer. The more people you can work with, the more trust your viewers will have in you.

At the end of the day, if you focus just on money, you lose out on loyal customers. The more focus you put on your viewers, you’ll naturally make more money!


Now that you’ve got a better understanding of how to make money from DHgate, what are you waiting for?

There’s a world of customers waiting for someone to grab their attention. It only takes one good line of content to get thousands of people to buy a product. Make sure you’re the publisher who made that content!