Gener8Ads Review: How Does Gener8 Ads Works? Legit or Scam

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Who doesn’t wants to make money? Everyone needs to earn money to make their life easier. Even a person doing full-time job searches for online money-making methods.
Not everyone gets enough time to complete given tasks. There are some apps that allow you to earn money for doing nothing, and Gener8Ads is one of them.
If you are here then you are definitely looking for a Gener8 review, then you are at the right place. In this Gener8Ads review you are going to find what is Gener8Ads, whether it is legit or not, how much you can earn, whether it is worth your time or not, and much more.
What Is Gener8?
Gener8 is also known as Gener8Ads. It is an ads company that allows you to customize your search experience and block ads from third parties. You can only find ads that are preferred by your choice.
Gener8 is beneficial for both You and Website owners, the more preferred ads you can find and the more revenue it will generate for website owners.
The company or platform was founded in January 2018 by Sam Jones, in the initial days it was known as Aghoco 1590. It is an advertising company based on a browser extension.
Gener8Ads is a UK-based browser-based platform that allows users to earn money online in different regions. It is a web-supported platform and doesn’t have any mobile apps.
It has registered under company number 10903332 and the name of Gener8 Ads Limited in England and Wales, it has a registered office at 70 Wilson Street, London, EC2A 2DB.
How Does Gener8 Works?
The Gener8 is a bit complex for newbies who don’t have tried similar extensions or websites. The platform looks simple but you have to follow some notes to make sure you are going to make money from this platform.
First, you need to sign up on the website, the website may ask you to install their extension but you can ignore that by just clicking on our link for signing up. Submit details and follow the next step.
In the next step, you get a chance to choose if you want to focus on earning money or privacy. They use technology to protect your personal data and browsing history by assigning it a randomly generated alphanumeric identifier used to serve ads to you.
On the next page, you have to choose your Gender, Profession, Birth year, and Ads Topics. Once you submit these details you can move forward to start making money.
How To Make Money On Gener8?
There are multiple methods and ways to make money online using the Gener8Ads platform. Let’s find out more in detail.
Browser Extension
Browser Extension allows you to earn money from your chrome browser. The extension is available for Chrome browser only. There are more than 40K users currently actively using their extension on Chrome browser.
They have a rating of 4.6 out of 5 from more than 700 users.
Simply install the extension and enable the reward or privacy to make money or browse with security. You can  use your points to claim rewards,
Gener8 Genie
Do you like to shop often? Then you will find Genie a useful feature. Genie is a browser extension used by more than 2K users as of now.
There are more than 35K retailers where you can shop and use coupon codes to save money. Shops like Wish, Asos, Ocado, The Body Shop, VANS, AO, and Evri are available.
Refer and Earn
Gener8Ads has an interesting refer and earn campaign, if you want to earn some extra money then you can refer your friends to earn with you.
You will get 50 points when your first friend joins using your link. On regular refer, you will get 10 points on each referred friend and your friend will also get 10 points on joining using a referral link.
Here is our referral link:
Is Gener8 Legit or Scam? Worth Joining?
Gener8Ads is a legit company and trusted platform. You can make money using the platform. They have a positive rating on Trustpilot, they have a rating of 4.1 out of 5 from 4K plus reviews.
But are they worth joining? At first, you don’t need to put effort, you just need to download or install their app or extension.
Still, it is about using the platform with the hope of making money.
The positive review on Trustpilot looks like a scam, many users reported that they are offered incentives to publish a positive review.
Also, most of the people with negative reviews said that they are struggling to receive the payout. And the availability of gift cards is very low.
My opinion is to give them a try for a week or two and then ask for payment and check if you are receiving payment or not. As it is not consuming your time you can try for a few weeks
If the result is positive then continue using if the result is negative then stop using it and share your review with us.
Frequently Asked Questions?
Is Gener8 available in India?
Yes, it is available in India and in other major countries but gift cards or withdrawal methods are limited in these countries.
What happened to Gener8 Dragons Den?
Gener8Ads successfully raised funds from Dragons Den which went on air on 22nd April 2021.
Is Gener8 free to use?
Yes, it is free to use platform. There is no charge for using their extension or app.
Can you earn money from Gener8?
Yes, you can earn money by using the Gener8 platform but the revenue generated through Gener8 is a bit low and slow.The post Gener8Ads Review: How Does Gener8 Ads Works? Legit or Scam appeared first on MoneyForWallet.

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