Geebo: Scam or Legit? The Truth You Need to Know

The past decade has not been kind to online classifieds sites. However, they are still pretty popular, especially among the older demographic, who frequently use them to buy and trade goods online.

If you’re unfamiliar with classified sites and wondering how they vary from online marketplaces like Amazon, the answer is that classified sites are less regulated. 

You will also discover that online marketplaces such as Amazon specialize more in selling brand-new products rather than second-hand ones.

Everything imaginable may be found on classifieds websites, from vehicles to real estate to job postings to antiques to second-hand tools. 

Shipping and other services designed to facilitate transactions between parties in wholly different regions are not prioritized because their concentration is on connecting people locally.

You might be curious as to how these classified sites have survived for so long. And what should you do to maximize their use? Well, unfortunately, there isn’t a seller or buyer blueprint I can offer you. 

If you still find sites like Geebo worth your while, then your questions are about to be answered. I’m going to discuss its features and ways you can avoid getting scammed as a buyer or seller. 

Let’s get started. 

What is Geebo? 

Founded in 2000 by Greg Collier, Geebo is supposed to be a spam- and scam-free online classified and jobs posting platform. 

Collier has been vocal in stopping the misuse of online classifieds since 2010. He published an open letter to the administrators of competing sites, pleading with them to crack down on scammers. 

Greg Collier took a further stand against abuse of his platform in 2013 by removing all pet listings from his site.

He claimed that the majority of the ads were being published by puppy mills. These are commercial dog breeding facilities that often breed dogs in deplorable conditions for the operators to increase profitability. 

And after the tragic massacre at an Orlando nightclub in 2016, Geebo took additional measures to limit advertisements by deleting links to sales of firearms.

Lastly, Geebo took action in 2019 to combat scammers on their platform by regulating conversations between ad creators and those interested in replying to them.

So, Is Geebo Legit? 

Aside from a few isolated incidents, using Geebo is perfectly legitimate and safe. 

Obviously, there is a possibility of abuse by scammers with any online ad platform. That’s why the platform implemented a number of safeguards meant to foil scammers’ attempts to steal money from its users. 

When you first visit the site, look for a link labeled “Scams & Shams” in the upper right-hand corner. 

This will direct you to a page with some general advice on how to protect yourself from being a victim of fraud while using the site. 

If you scroll to the bottom of this page, you’ll find a link to their “Common Scams” page, which includes even more warnings.

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How Safe Is Geebo? 

Just because a website is legitimate doesn’t mean it’s risk-free for all users. The majority of classifieds sites are not even close to as secure as Geebo. Therefore if the level of security provided by Geebo is not satisfactory, you may as well stop using them altogether.

Geebo has been in the vanguard of consumer safety advocacy and has made significant strides toward modernizing the industry.

With its proactive drive to get rid of scammers, it’s the safest choice when it comes to classifieds. 

Employees were tasked with keeping an eye on replies to ads and looking for patterns to help automate the process of weeding out potential scams. 

The majority of scammers, it turned out, were based outside the US. The company considerably improved the security of its services by keeping an eye on feedback from other countries.

Geebo also provides a much-needed filter for purchasers by reviewing all advertising before they go live.

Keep in mind that the policing methods employed by the vast majority of other platforms—namely, the voluntary reporting of suspicious activity by users—are woefully inadequate.

To be somewhat safe when using Geebo, all you need is a basic awareness of the risks you face when using the internet. 

With constant internet use, we get used to sniffing out scams from a mile away. If you’re generally knowledgeable about how to keep yourself safe online, then you should be fine on Geebo. 

How To Use Geebo 

As a Buyer 

Geebo is a convenient platform for buyers. All you need is a computer and access to the internet to browse listings and make purchases.

Geebo’s main page is simplistic and intuitive. There are no advertisements, and everything can be accessed with a single mouse click.

To find tires, for instance, you would navigate to the Vehicles section and then select the Auto Parts/Accessories subcategory.

The category pages, unlike the homepage, feature Google advertisements. However, they are easily distinguishable from the listings themselves.

Typically, a listing will include the product’s price, the poster’s location, and a brief description of the item for sale.

When you click on a listing, you’ll see an expanded description.

Since there is no “add to cart” button, Geebo is obviously not involved in any further actions. You can continue with your purchase from the post by visiting the seller’s official website or following them on social media.

As A Seller 

Use the “Post” button at the top right of the main page to create your own listing.

Choose one of the eight product categories and move on to the following screen. The following fields will appear on the opened form:

Listing title 

Product Description 

Product category 

Seller zip code 




Contact details like your phone number 


Product photos 

All new listings go through an approval process before being made public.

As A Jobseeker 

The Employment subcategory is where job seekers can find postings. In the listings, recruiters compete to attract attention using elaborate descriptions, much as they would with an online auction.

Jobseekers can register for email alerts related to their preferred job categories and locations in addition to regular job browsing.

If you’re serious about doing this, you should select appropriate keywords to avoid receiving unwanted messages.

Going through job listing after job listing can be tedious. Sometimes, you just want to be alerted about available jobs.

As An Employer 

The process of submitting a job ad is more involved than advertising a product for sale.

By clicking the Post button, you can select from four different posting options, each of which is priced differently based on the number of job listings you want to publish.

After making your choice, you’ll be directed to a form where you can enter your payment information for the postage package you’ve chosen.

Now you’re ready to create your first Geebo job posting. This is an excellent way to supplement your applicant-finding efforts on social media sites.

To entice qualified applicants, you must be thorough and to the point. Consider using the feedback you receive to improve your ad.

Is Geebo Reliable and Worth Using? 

Geebo is a platform that can benefit both consumers and those looking for work. The site is simple to navigate and provides links to a wide variety of options. There is no registration or subscription fee involved, which is also a plus. 

However, you should be wary of the numerous scammers who have gotten more cunning at hiding their identities over the years. They are avoidable, but they are nonetheless there. 

Geebo is a goldmine for sellers and HR departments. Consumers and potential employees make up a sizable portion of the site’s millions of monthly visitors, and they are constantly checking for updates. They won’t be hard to come by. 

Still, Geebo isn’t a foolproof method for discovering outstanding job candidates despite its capability of promoting job listings. Access to the site is open to anyone, and unfortunately, many applicants may be a waste of your time.

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How To Avoid Getting Scammed On Geebo 

Sure, Geebo has taken several measures to safeguard against malicious use of the service and is generally a reliable website.

However, there is always going to be some level of risk involved with these websites because scammers are continuously seeking new ways to get around the rules. 

If you take precautions, though, scammers will have a hard time taking advantage of you while doing business on these sites.

There are four main safety tips that Geebo recommends its customers follow whenever they’re on the site:

Stick to locally published ads 

Only agree to meet in a public, well-lit location, preferably with security cams 

Bring someone with you 

Trust you get. When something feels wrong, it’s likely that something is. 

Also, they have put together a list of the six most prevalent scams, all of which fall into one of two categories: fake checks and non-existent items.

Geebo Pros and Cons 


The website’s administrators have taken action against spamming and other forms of abuse and fraudulence.

Hundreds of different types of listings 


There is always a risk of getting scammed on sites like this. 

This platform is currently only available in the US. 

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Final Thoughts: Is Geebo Safe? 

Geebo is safe as long as you’re not vulnerable to scams. The platform has done its part by providing some level of security. You have to do your part by smartening up and not falling prey to shady people. 

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on regular online marketplaces and Geebo alternatives, it’s worth checking Geebo out. You may also post ads on Geebo if you’re looking to sell some items.

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