FireFaucet Review: Legit or Scam Cryptocurrency Faucet Site

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Want to earn some free cryptocurrencies or bitcoin? Then faucets are the best way to make free cryptocurrencies. But finding the best and most trusted faucet websites is a bit hard as many new crypto faucet websites are getting created and many are exiting with scams.
Firefaucet is one of the oldest faucets that allows users to earn free cryptocurrencies it also allows you to earn multiple coins.
But FireFaucet is legit or not? How much you can earn through Firefaucet? What is FireFaucet? How to earn more free coins using FireFaucet? and much more.
Let’s find out more about the platform in this Firefaucet Review.
What Is FireFaucet?
FireFaucet is a cryptocurrency auto-faucet that supports more than 10 cryptocurrencies and different methods of earning cryptocurrencies.

You can earn different coins by completing different tasks like claiming from faucets, surveys, offerwalls, watching videos, PTCs, and more.
There are a few other methods you can use to earn free coins like achievements, daily bonuses, leaderboard, contests, and a rewarding level system.
FireFaucet is there since 2018 and it has more than 1,043,704 members who are making free money.
How To Join FireFaucet
Joining the platform is quite easy and simple. You have to simply visit the link and click on Register Now button.
You will find a sign-up form where you have to enter your email, username, and password, and complete the captcha. After filling up the form click on submit button and you are good to go now.
Login and enjoy making free money or cryptocurrencies.
FireFaucet Legit Or Scam?
Firefaucet is a legit and trusted platform where you can earn free cryptocurrencies. The reviews on review platforms are a bit low because of less earning & user satisfaction.
On Trustpilot, they have a rating of 2.9 out of 5 from 180 reviews which is quite negative but it doesn’t mean they are not paying its users.
Most users are calling Firefaucet a low-paying faucet because they are not able to earn more or maybe they don’t know how to make more.
How To Make Money On FireFaucet?
There are different ways to make money on Firefaucet let’s check out these methods.
AutoFaucet runs on your device and you don’t have to click anywhere to earn, leave it as it is. You will earn free coins automatically and can stop anytime.
Auto Faucet will run for 20 minutes and you can earn around 5 satoshis for every claim. The amount will increase as more you claim or you can boost your earnings as well.
Shortlinks pays more than AutoFaucet but it is a bit hard to complete. They have more than 20 short links and more than 60 links available to claim daily.
You can get up to 3360 Activity Points daily for completing short links.
High Paying Surveys
Firefaucet has some of the highest-paying surveys. You can easily make 100,000 per survey on average, most surveys are not longer than 10 minutes and on average surveys are taking 5 minutes to complete.
To join each survey you need to be qualified for it. The surveys do ask a few questions to check for qualification and if you qualified then you can earn the passive amount of ACP.
Firefaucet PTC
You are not going to make big claims but yeah there are few PTC ads. Currently, there are 10 PTC ads which will lead you to earn 50 claims per ad.
Firefaucet has offerwalls like BitLabs, AdGateMedia, CPXResearch, ayeTStudios, Timewall, OfferDaddy, Monlix, Lootably, OfferToro, Pollfish, AdGem, and more.
Some offerwalls have bonuses on your offer completion. You have to complete tasks like watching videos, viewing sites, completing surveys, playing games, installing apps, etc.
Refer & Earn Crypto
Do you know you can make up to 20% of your friend’s earnings? With Firefaucet you can get 20% of what your referral is earning. Suppose you referred 30 persons who earn $100 then you will get $20 for doing nothing.
20% earning from offeralls, videos, surveys, shortlinks, faucets, and PTCs. Also, you will get 5% if any of your friends makes a deposit to Firefaucet.
Firefaucet Payment Method
The minimum withdrawal for each coin is different and they do support two payment methods it is FaucetPay and Direct Wallet withdrawal.

Bitcoin [BTC]: Direct Withdraw / FaucetPay
Binance BEP20 [BEP20]: Direct Withdraw
Tether TRC20 [TRC20]: Direct Withdraw / FaucetPay
Ethereum [ETH]: Direct Withdraw / FaucetPay
Dogecoin [DOGE]: Direct Withdraw / FaucetPay
Litecoin [LTC]: Direct Withdraw / FaucetPay
Dash [DASH]: Direct Withdraw / FaucetPay
Tron [TRX]: Direct Withdraw / FaucetPay
Nano [NANO]: Direct Withdraw
Monero [XMR]: Direct Withdraw
ZCash [ZEC]: Direct Withdraw
DigiByte [DGB]: Direct Withdraw / FaucetPay
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