Errand Running Made Easy: Steps for Starting Your Own Business

Many people are getting older and have less time and capability to do daily tasks and errands. 

Most of the time, seniors and professionals hire people to run errands for them, like grocery shopping, dog walking, and more. 

With the demand in the errand running industry increasing, starting this business is a great and easy idea to profit. 

If you are wondering how to start an errand-running business, the answer is with your phone and a vehicle. 

This post will explain how you can start this profitable business with eleven simple steps. 

Choose a Legal Structure

Choosing a legal structure is essential to prepare a more accurate estimate for your startup costs. 

Choosing sole proprietorship, partnership, or limited liability corporation affects how much and what taxes you need to pay.

The requirements to get a license for your business will also depend on what type of legal structure it is.

If you want a business where you get all the profit but have to manage debts and obligations, then pick sole proprietorship.

But if you want to share liability and income with others to expand the business, then opt for a partnership or LLC. 

Write a Simple Business Plan

Like any other business, you can have better chances of succeeding in a venture if you have a business plan prepared.

A simple business plan will do as it helps you outline errand business ideas as it develops from different stages. 

You can include a description of your services and their purpose for an errand-running business.

Then, you can set a marketing plan to show how you can get clients to use our services.

You also need to set a financial plan that contains your startup costs, permits required, and other necessary documents before operating. 

This plan lets you discuss how you will manage your business, from running it to budgeting your expenses.

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Setup a Home Office 

You don’t need to rent a new office for your errand-running business because all you need is a small space at home.

You can find a spot with enough space for your supplies and recordkeeping and quiet enough to entertain phone calls. 

When you receive approval to operate a home-based business, convert a spare room into your office. 

You may also check if your place is eligible for the home office deduction so you can deduct expenses when filing taxes. 

It doesn’t have to be too extensive or detailed but spacious enough to fit a computer to operate online.

You may also want to buy a business phone and a car, so you can easily accept and run errands. 

Prepare All the Necessary Paperwork

Before preparing your documents, you need a name representing your business and its goal.

It can be catchy so people can easily remember it, like including the name of your place or adding your name.

Once you have a name in mind, you can check if no one else is using it, especially in the same industry. 

You may now proceed to set an insurance policy that can protect you and your business from any lawsuit in the future. 

You may want to check auto insurance if you use your car as a primary service for the errand-running business. 

Depending on the services you’ll offer, it is best to check the available insurances for them to cover any damages. 

Then, you’ll need to apply for a license or permit to operate your errand-running business and tax documents.

Choose the Errand Services You’ll Offer

While it is tempting to do every errand out there, starting with the easiest and particular market is best. 

For example, you’ll focus on senior errand service because seniors need help picking up medications and grocery shopping.

You can create a list of your services and be open to any services that clients may need that are not on your checklist. 

You may include dry cleaning, food pickups, and house and pet sitting and offer them to professionals who don’t have time to do it. 

It is also best to limit how far you are willing to offer your services, like serving within a one-kilometer radius. 

Gather and Buy Necessary Supplies

You won’t need a lot of supplies to run this business because it is mostly about errand runners’ labor.

However, the main thing you need in the errand-running venture is a car that can help you with your tasks.

Whether your task is to pick up something from a store or transport a client, a reliable car can help you quickly. 

You may also need a desktop and cellphone so customers can reach you if they have inquiries and plans on booking. 

The computer is for storing essential records and organizing errands, so you will not skip any of them.

You may want to get a printer to print invoices, brochures, business cards, and more at home. 

Set Your Prices

You can charge your clients by the hour or task, depending on which you think is practical.

Most errand service providers charge by the hour, and when they need to drive, they have a different fee for mileage.

The prices may also vary when you need to do a task beyond business hours or during holidays. 

Services will always differ in rates because they also vary in difficulty and convenience, so see which works best. 

If you price your charges by the hour, the average cost is $30, but it can still increase or decrease depending on factors. 

Create Advertising Supplies for Your Business

For your business to succeed, you need to introduce it to the world, so you have to create advertising supplies. 

You can hire a designer or design your flyers, brochures, and cards before printing them.

You must put the essential details about your business and services in the brochure so clients will get a good impression. 

You may consider creative gimmicks in your advertising materials, murals, newsletters, videos, and more. 

Handout Your Brochures

If you have a target market, choose it as the first location to hand out your brochures, like nursing homes and assisted living facilities. 

Since many senior citizens will most likely avail of this service, you can sell your offerings to them. 

You can also advertise your business in neighborhoods where professionals are living that barely have time to run errands.

However, always make sure that wherever you leave your flyers, brochures, or cards are authorized places.

You may also place an ad in your local newspaper, visit potential customers personally, and create social media pages. 

Create Your Errand Running Services Website

If you have enough budget to create a website from the start, do it so clients can see you as a professional business.

However, it is also okay not to have a site upfront and do it when your profits grow eventually. 

There are still other platforms to share your services, like Facebook, Craigslist, and Instagram, where there are more audiences. 

The benefit of having a site is that you can make fun content, post articles related to your business, and even add a couple of sponsorships. 

Schedule Your Daily Errands

When you finally pick up more customers, it is time for you to set up a schedule to manage your errands. 

It is possible to miss some tasks because your calendar may be busy, so using an organizer can help you avoid these issues. 

If you plan on working as a full-time errand runner, scheduling your appointments is necessary. 

You don’t want to fail an errand because you forgot to attend to it and lose the trust your customers gave you.


What Types of Tasks Do an Errand Running Service Offer The services offered can vary from picking up and delivering items pet sitting, gift shopping, and more. There is no limit as to what you can offer as long as you can do it, and it isn’t risky and illegal.  Do You Need Certifications to Run Errands For most common errands, you don’t need certifications to do them as long as you are capable and compassionate. How to Make Money Through an Errand Service Business Errand businesses can let you earn through commission or hourly rates, depending on your services and client negotiation. However, you can add other ways to earn through this errand business, such as membership fees, running ads, and partnerships. 

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Final Thoughts

As more people become busy and older, they need help running errands, whether a daily task or special favors. 

An errand service can be a successful business because of its uniqueness and practicality.

So take advantage of this demand and start an errand-running business, whether as a side hustle or a full-time source of income. 

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