Beermoney Apps to Earn a Quick $100 in 2023

What Is Beermoney?
Beermoney refers to the idea of earning some extra money for your non-essential spending.
It is the small amounts of money you can make during your spare time to use for a little bit of fun.
Beermoney is also associated with a Reddit community – /r/Beermoney, that discusses online side hustle ideas you can use to make an extra income.
Although this community helps identify numerous online methods you can use to earn money during your free time, there is a slight risk of landing on scam sites.
Therefore, the main challenge for those joining the beer money world is identifying legit money-making sites that will actually make you money.
Apart from the Reddit beermoney apps and websites mentioned in the community, here are a list of legit sites from our research that you can use to earn residue income.
This is a paid online research site for professionals to make money by providing feedback on a topic.
The reason is on top of our list is because of its high earning potential.
You can expect to earn between $100 to $750 an hour based on your professional experience.
It is free to join and once you sign up with the platforms algorithm will send you research studies based on your preference. To get accepted into a study, you will need to answer a few screening questions. 
On completion of each project, you will get paid by PayPal. 
2. KashKick
Kashkick is an online reward website relatively new in the beer money community.
You can make money by performing various money-making tasks, including taking surveys, gaming, or watching videos on the platform.
Though taking paid surveys is the primary way to earn on this platform, it’s versatile with more features for earning rewards.
Taking an online survey on Kashkick can earn you $1 to $2, but there is potential to earn $2 to $40 or higher with some offers.
You can get your reward money through PayPal cash only, and you need to earn a minimum of $10 to cash out.
The platform is available to people in the United States, Australia, Canada, and the U.K.
KashKick is free to use and you get paid for completing each task, starting with a $1 when you complete your profile. 
3. Survey Junkie
Survey junkie is a platform where you can complete online surveys to earn extra income.
Sharing your opinion in each survey earns you a certain number of points you can redeem for cash or gift cards.
How to get started:
It takes you about two minutes to register with the Survey Junkie website before you can get started.
Creating an account on the website requires you to provide personal information such as Zip code, country of residence, gender, date of birth, and your name.
Market research companies look for a specific type of individuals to take surveys on the website. And so you also need to fill out your profile after you sign up. This increases your chances of accessing suitable surveys and gain higher rewards.
4. Branded Surveys
Branded Surveys is another leading market research site that rewards you for sharing your opinion.
After a free signup process, you will be required to answer a few personal questions that match your profile to different surveys.
Completing a survey earns you points which you can redeem in the form of cash or gift cards.
The site also runs the Branded Elite program, which allows you to earn free bonus cash depending on the number of surveys you can complete per month.
This means that you can increase your bonus points through different Branded Elite loyalty tiers by completing more surveys.
Branded survey website is available for people to join in three countries, including the United States, Canada, and the U.K.
5. Fetch Rewards

This is a shopping app that rewards for taking a picture of your shopping receipts.
Its a hassle-free way of earning money, compared to some cashback sites that require you to only avail certain offers.
With Fetch Rewards its different. Y0u can snap a picture of any shopping receipt or e-receipts, including receipts from restaurants, to earn points.
Fetch Rewards works anywhere you buy groceries – big box stores, mom and pop corner shops, drugstores, and hardware stores.
Best part is, no scanning barcodes, no surveys, no ads, Simply scan your receipts to earn points that are redeemable for gift cards.
Fetch Rewards is free to join and you can be downloaded through the Apple Store or Google Play.
6. Amazon Mechanical Turk
Though it requires a lot of input in terms of hours, Amazon MTurk is one of the beermoney sites with the potential for higher earnings limits.
The site provides Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs) that people can complete at their convenience to receive a reward.
Essentially, these are tasks that human beings can perform much better than computers, such as identifying an object’s color in a photo. The other types of HITs you can find on the platform include the following:
• Transcription tasks
• Video and photo processing
• Information gathering
• Machine learning
• Data collection.
Companies or business owners referred to as requesters on the platform post tasks on the Amazon Mechanical Turk website, where you can visit and identify a job you can perform.
You will then receive your reward after submitting satisfactory work.
Over the past several years, people performing tasks on this site have made over $50,000. With a lot of commitment, M Turk workers can make a minimum wage, but slow workers’ earnings are slightly lower.
7. Fundrise
Fundrise site allows you to invest in real estate to increase your income by a couple of dollars.
With as little as $500, Fundrise eliminates the hassle of buying, improving, and re-selling real estate while still being an investor in residential and commercial real estate.
The site has more than 500,000 users who can access large-scale crowd-funded real estate investing without being millionaires.
If you’re looking for a consistent way to make passive income where you don’t have to deal with unruly tenants, you can become a member of Fundrise.
8. Opinion Outpost
Here is another survey website you can join to receive survey invitations every month and earn points every time you complete one.
Opinion Outpost allows consumers to participate in online surveys and product tests in exchange for cash rewards and gift cards.
The more surveys you take and the longer the surveys, the more points you earn. As long as you’re above 16, you can make quick cash from home on this site.
There are several options for redeeming your earned points, including Amazon gift cards, iTunes, retail gift cards, prepaid visa cards, or receiving your reward in cash. The website is available in Canada, the U.S, the U.K, and Germany.
9. GameHag
If you want to earn while having fun, Gamehag is a legit site that allows you to earn money for playing games online.
Besides allowing you to make money by gaming, the site provides other earning options, including:
• Completing tasks such as logging in to social media platforms or signing up for a site
• Playing mini-games such as Flapcat Steampunk
• Completing deals that mainly involve video games like the World of Warship
• Creating content such as articles or YouTube videos about video games
• Actively posting on the forums
• Being a lucky winner of giveaways or looking for Gamehag codes on social media
Every activity you perform on Gamehag earns you Soul Gems, the currency the site uses.
You can then use your Soul Gems to redeem rewards, including in-game skins, MasterCard, Bitcoin, free Steam games, and gift cards.
The Reddit beermoney community also gives a chance to learn about the existence of such games, which allow you to earn even when sitting on a bus.
10. Swagbucks
If you want to get extra cash doing things you probably already do online, you might consider signing up on the Swagbucks website.
It’s one of the beermoney sites worth your time as it allows you to get points for performing various tasks, from shopping online to watching videos, searching the web, answering surveys, and finding great offers.
You can then redeem those points for gift cards at major retailers like Walmart and Amazon or get cash back through PayPal.
11. Toluna
Toluna is another beermoney site where you can play various games to make money online. The platform has varieties of games like board and puzzle games.
You can also take paid surveys that allow you to earn between $0.25 and $1.50.
The minimum reward you can redeem on the site is $5, and reward options are PayPal cash and different kinds of gift cards.
Toluna is available in the United States, the U.K, and Canada.
12. MyPoints
Since 1996, when it was established, MyPoints has given people many opportunities to make money without leaving their homes.
If you live in the United States or Canada, this site is worth joining as it has a great variety of online and in-store cash-back offers.
When you sign up to this beermoney site, you can earn through various options, including cash back for shopping, answering surveys, watching videos, surfing online, in-store shopping, dining deals, and receipts.
The company is owned by the same company that ownes Swagbucks, and it is truly an excellent site for making some extra money online.
You need to have made a minimum of $5 to cash out, but you can also get rewards from different gift card options.
13. Online Book Arbitrage
While you might have heard about retail arbitrage, where you purchase a product from a local store for a low price and then re-sell it for a higher price – keeping the profits.
Same concept applies for online book arbitrage. Only difference is that everything is done online and there is no need for an inventory if you use a tool like Zen Arbitrage. 
All you need to do is find cheap books on Amazon and resell them at a higher FBA price. If this side hustle interests, read our full review of how you can make money with Zen Arbitrage.
14. Prolific
Prolific pays you for taking part in research studies.
The site connects you to researchers who need help performing scientific research and marketing studies. Unlike other websites that focus on consumer preferences, it does things differently by offering topics related to science and health.
Researchers pay Prolific participants a minimum hourly rate of $8, making it one of the best sites to make some good extra cash and beating most of the other survey sites in terms of earning potential.
15. QuickThoughts
QuickThoughts is a platform that pairs you with online surveys that allow you to improve goods and services that you already use.
The signup information you provide to the site determines whether you are likely to qualify for specific surveys.
Engaging in Reddit beermoney discussions enlightens members on added advantages of choosing a platform like QuickThought over others.
For instance, the cool thing about QuickThoughts is that it provides thousands of surveys, so a constant stream of online surveys is available. Your earnings which range from $0.50 to $3, will depend on the complexity and length of the survey.
Other micro tasks that can help you earn cash on the site include submitting an image of the specific item on a store shelf during in-store shopping or filling out a questionnaire after shopping in a particular store.
QuickThoughts minimum cash out is $10.
You can redeem your QuickThoughts points through Amazon Gift Cards, iTunes Gift Cards, or other popular gift cards. You can also decide to donate your earnings to a Dynata-approved charity, allowing you to support your favourite cause.
16. iPoll
iPoll is an online survey site that has been around for over ten years now.
Although there are several tasks you can engage in on this platform, online surveys are the primary way to earn.
One of the iPolls advantages over other survey sites is that you earn a badge for completing milestones and receive a small amount each time.
The point-rewarding system is also pretty easy to understand since it shows how much you will get in real currency before taking a survey.
You can receive a $25 gift card from iTunes or Amazon or get PayPal cash out.
A significant downturn for iPoll is the minimum payment threshold of $50, which is relatively high.
Besides, most people don’t expect to join survey sites and make enough money to quit their job. Therefore, the relatively high payment threshold makes iPoll a less ideal site to join for Reddit beermoney community.
17. InboxDollars
The cash reward site was founded in 2000 with various money-making opportunities for its members.
You can take online surveys, print coupons, redeem cash-back offers, watch ads, play online games, read emails, and do other tasks to make money from the comfort of your couch. Just after signing up, the site offers a $3 welcome bonus.
Prodege, InboxDollar’s parent company, runs several other survey sites, including Mypoints, Swagbucks and Tada.
And if you start using these sites, you will note that most of the features in these survey sites overlap. However, Inbox Dollars provides several unique features such as Scratch, Win Cards, and Winlt Codes.
Another exciting thing about this site is that you track your earnings in dollars and cents, making it easier to find out how close you are to redeeming your payment than when using points.
The only downside of the site is that it has a high payout threshold of $30, which you can redeem for PayPal cash or gift cards to stores like Target and Amazon.
18. PrizeRebel
PrizeRebel is a good place to start for anyone looking for a beermoney site that offers several ways to earn points that they can redeem for cash and gift cards.
Prize Rebel members are mostly in the U.K., the United States, Canada, and Australia.
Since being established in 2007, the site has paid more than $20 million to members for completing surveys, subscribing to mailing lists, watching videos, and other tasks available.
Several features differentiate Price Rebel from other sites. For instance, consistent users are rewarded through various account levels starting from the Bronze level, and you can rise through the ranks to silver, gold, platinum, and diamond levels.
19. LifePoints
Though you won’t get rich completing online surveys, joining LifePoints gives you a fun and easy way to earn extra cash.
Unlike many online survey platforms that feel dated and clunky, LifePoint is simple, clutter-free, and colorful, which explains why it’s so popular. The site has more than 5 million members across 70 countries.
LifePoint will pay you using points for your opinion in surveys, which you can redeem for gift cards, PayPal cash outs, or even a donation to charity.
Every survey you participate in gives you a chance to earn 20 to 100 points, and your earnings tend to increase as the duration of the survey increases.
You can make a little less than $1 with a 100-point survey that takes 20 minutes to complete, which is the average payout rate for most survey sites.
20. Univox Community
Univox Community is another one of the many beermoney survey site options you can consider to earn extra cash every month. The platform has more than 1 million users worldwide, and they mostly make money on the site through paid surveys.
The survey opportunities you can participate in vary from country to country. This means that you will have access to more surveys in some countries than in others.
The time of the year and week also determines the number of surveys available. For example, surveys are fewer around weekends and holidays.
Other options to earn on Univox Community include participating in regular contests, playing Wheel of fortune, and wall of fame bonuses, among other activities.
The site pays you through points you can exchange for cash to PayPal, Tango card, Virtual Visa/Master, or Amazon Gift cards. The site has four user levels: Basic, Verified, Premium, and Ambassador.
The more active you are on the platform, your chances of moving to the next level also increase.
At the basic membership level, you can request a payout once you reach 2500 points, which is equivalent to $25. This payout threshold is relatively high, and it might take a long time to receive any money from the survey site. However, members at the ambassador level have a better payout threshold of $10.
21. PaidViewPoint
PaidViewpoint focuses on offering regular surveys as the only means of making money on the site. However, it offers something unique you cannot find on other survey sites.
If you have ever tried to complete an online survey, you will know that there are some surveys you will not qualify for. This does not happen with PaidViewpoint.
The site only provides surveys that you can complete. The surveys are also not long compared to other sites, implying that you can take a short time to do them.
The number of surveys that PaidViewpoint offers is as high as other sites provide, but you can be assured that you can complete any survey that lands in your account.
Every survey earns you dollars that will reflect on your PaidViewpoint account right away.
The only payout method for your earnings is cash through PayPal. In addition, the site has a reasonable payout threshold of $15 compared to other survey sites on this list, which is not difficult to reach if you are a PaidViewpoint member in the right country.
22. Pinecone Research
Pinecone Research is another legit survey beermoney website where you can get a few extra bucks in exchange for completing online surveys.
A 100% free signup makes you a Pinecone Research member, and you can begin accessing exclusive surveys that you can take online, even in your pajamas.
You can also access surveys through email invitations. Interacting with each survey earns you points in your account that you can redeem for a check, PayPal cash, or an online gift card.
The decent payout rate of $3 makes Pinecone research one of the excellent beermoney websites. The website is available in the United States only.
23. has many daily earning options that improve your earning potential on the site.
If you join, one earning method to try is the paid surveys that give quite a reasonable sum compared to many other platforms.
However, you need to have some level of patience to identify the surveys you qualify for on the platform.
After interacting with site for some time, you will find it easier to identify the surveys you most likely qualify for, and then you can just concentrate on these. offers other earning opportunities, including paid offers, cash contests, watching videos, inviting friends, and promo codes.
Generally, the rewards for every survey range from $0.50 to $2, but the payment can increase depending on how much time you spend doing surveys.
Conclusion on Beermoney Apps and Sites
Participating in surveys or playing online games will not get you rich.
However, you could enjoy engaging in online tasks to make extra money in your spare time. By joining some beermoney sites on this list, you can probably make an additional $100 monthly.
Start by trying out the ideas that you think will work best for you, and then you can focus on those to make extra cash.
Remember, the goal is not to find something that will allow you to quit your full-time job but to make extra money that you can use to go out for fun.
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