Apple iPhone x new leak video on YouTube

iPhone x new leak video on YouTube

A blogging video on YouTube includes iPhone x, giving little more beautiful looks and the new features on it. Which now going viral on YouTube and reddit.

The video is posted on YouTube by Brooke Amelia Peterson on her YouTube channel. Brooke Amelia Peterson is the daughter of an engineer , who works for Apple. The video is title as IPHONE X and CAFE MACS , the video got more than 4k views and its increasing.

In that video her dad , who is an engineer at Apple shows the feature of Apple pay on iPhone x by paying at a cafe. He also uses the Animoji feature to create his on emoji on this video.

She ,Brooke then takes a longer look at the iPhone X, swiping through the Home Screen’s pages, and activating Control Center and the Cover Sheet through the right and left “ears,” respectively.  The video gives idea about new features on side button as well as the Space Gray coloring on the back of the iPhone X.

iPhone x new leak video on YouTube

Brooke opens the Camera, Calendar, and Notes apps, and her dad sends an Animoji of an alien to show off the new facial recognition features coming to the Messages app. Her dad also briefly mentions that his team will be moving to Apple Park in December. 

Many people still confused whether the iPhone is call as x or 10. So, in this video her dad made it clear that the new iPhone model is pronounced as iPhone 10 and not iPhone ex.

iPhone x is already listed on Amazon for some select countries including India USA UK and the pre booking of iPhone x will start from 27 October 2017. To know more about the pre booking process of iPhone 10 visit iPhone x Pre order page.

Source : MacRumors

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