Apple fired engineer after his Daughter’s iPhone x video went viral on YouTube

iPhone x new leak video on YouTube

Brooke Amelia Peterson , she is a Youtuber and her dad is an engineer at Apple Inc. She recently uploaded one video on YouTube which includes iPhone x hands-on. In that video iPhone x which call as iPhone 10 was shown with some of its New features.

The iPhone 10 video was uploaded on YouTube before the official released of the iPhone. The video went viral on YouTube and on some social site link Reddit.

But soon after the video went viral , Apple ask Brooke Amelia Peterson to remove the video as it was violating the rules of Apple Inc.

Brooke Amelia Peterson’s dad who is an engineer works for Apple as RF and wireless circuit designer. He is fired from Apple because of the video her daughter uploaded the on YouTube.

Brooke Amelia Peterson says that her dad gave her access to the iPhone x before that launch of the iPhone. And explained some of its news features including face id , Animoji etc.

This is not the first time that Apple product leaked before the official released. In 2010 an engineer was fired because he revealed iPad 3G for couples of minutes.

The iPhone x is now available for pre order in more than 55 countries including India USA UK. The iPhone x was sold out within 10 minutes when it was made available for pre-order for the first time. For the 64GB iPhone x you have to pay ₹89,000 and for 256GB variant you have to pay ₹102,000.

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