7 Best Free & Paid Social Media Auto Posting WordPress Plugins

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There are thousands of articles getting published on WordPress websites. These articles should get posted on social media but to share the article on social media you need to visit each social media site.
The whole process is a bit time-consuming hence there are social media auto-posting WordPress plugins to help you to get articles shared on social media platforms.
If you are a blogger and have a website on WordPress then you must use these plugins to get your articles shared on different social media platforms.
How Social Media Auto Posting WordPress Plugin Works
The plugins work on WordPress sites only hence you must have your site on WordPress. Simply you have to install the plugin on your website.
Set up your plugin by connecting different social media accounts and entering their APIs. After connecting social media accounts now write articles and publish them.
Once your article gets published on the website your article will also get automatically posted on connected social media platforms.
7 Social Media Auto Posting WordPress Plugins and Tools
Following are the plugins that can be used to post your articles on social media automatically. These are the free and paid plugins. most of the plugins are freemium. Offering paid and free access to plugins.
Some of them are plugins and some of them are tools.
Dlvr.it (Tool)
Dlvrit is an online website that connects your WordPress and other types of content sources like Website feed, Youtube, Pinterest, Etsy, Shopify, Substack, and custom posts.
Supported social media are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Google My Business, Pinterest, Reddit, WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, Discord, Slack, StockTwits, and mastodon.
There are more than 1.75 million publishers who are sharing more than 5 million posts daily on different social media platforms.
Paid members will get access to extensions, recycle content, optimized schedules, custom short links, attentive support, and much more.
Pricing:- Free, 10.79 USD per month, and 29.95 USD per month.
No. Of Supported Social Media: 14
Blog2Social (Plugin)
Blog2Social is there since last more than 7 years started working on Google My Business and later supported major social media platforms. It is one of the best Social Media Auto Posting WordPress Plugins.
It has more than 230K registered members who are sharing and scheduling their articles for different social media sites.
As of now, it supports social media platforms like Facebook, Tumblr, Medium, Torial, Diigo, Reddit, Bloglovin, VK, Google My Business, Google+, Linkedin, Xing, FB, Twitter, and more.
They have browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox, more than 5000 downloads, and 320+ downloads on the Firefox browser.
With Blog2Social you can share your article on social media, plus you can edit posts, you can also post images or videos with links.
Pricing:- Free, 7.00$, $11, and $29 per month.
No. Of Supported Social Media: 19
NextScripts (Plugin)
NextScripts has built a WordPress plugin called Social Networks Auto Poster (SNAP). The tool allows you to post your articles, links, posts, and images automatically to major social networking sites.
Supported social media platforms are LinkedIn, OkRu, Plurk, Pinterest, Twitter, VK, Weibo, Xing, Blogger, Flipboard, Medium, ScoopIt, Sett, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Flickr, etc.
The plugin comes in free and paid forms, you can start using it for free and can later upgrade to the premium version. The plugin also auto-imports comments and mentions from social media as WordPress comments.
Pricing:- Free, $75 per year, $99 per year, and $49.55 per year.
No. Of Supported Social Media: 23
Social Media Auto Publish by XYZScripts (Plugin)
SMAP or Social Media Auto Publish is a simple and clean WordPress plugin that costs you nothing as it is absolutely free plugin.
The plugin is simple and free hence the supported number of social media is also limited to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumbler, and Pinterest.
Plugin allows you to publish on supported social media with different options like text, links, images, and sharing post links. It has features like a Filter option, scheduling, multiple social media accounts, and a customizable message format.
As of now, the plugin has been installed on more than 10K websites.
Pricing:- Free, $39 per year, and $69 per year
No. Of Supported Social Media: 5
Users Rating:-  4.7 out of 5 from 321 reviews
SocialBee (Tool)
Socialbee was founded by Vlad in 2016 and backed by its own customer Philipp Kadal who funded them in their initial stage. The platform is widely used by professional markets.
It is a tool-based platform that allows you to create, schedule, publish, and analyze your articles. It is a tool hence you need to publish or schedule your post using their website. The whole process saves you time and helps you to get a deep understanding of your posts.
SocialBee is loved by big brands like Rebrandly, Colliers, Veka, ToastMasters, the University of Regina, etc.
Supported social media networks are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Business, TikTok, and Youtube.
Pricing:- Free for 14 days in trial, $15 per month, $32 per month, and $65 per month
No. Of Supported Social Media: 8
FS Poster – WordPress Social Auto Poster & Scheduler (Plugin)
FS Poster is a social media auto poster & scheduler WordPress plugin that allows you to auto-publish your blogs, repost old content, bulk schedule multiple posts, and share posts directly. You can share your blog posts, photos, infographics, or videos from your WordPress site to social media sites.
The plugin will help you to engage with your community while focusing on your blog. Not only posting on social media platforms but the plugin also helps you to check real-time analytics with their platform-based performance comparison, post engagements, and click counts.
FS Poster supports 20 social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Linkedin, Pinterest, Tumblr, Medium, Telegram, etc.
Already more than 11.9K people purchased their plugin
Pricing:- $45 one time
No. Of Supported Social Media: 20
Users Rating:-  4.94 out of 5 from 509 reviews
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Social Auto Poster – WordPress Scheduler & Marketing Plugin
Social Auto Poster has more than 4310 users who are using this plugin on their WordPress website. It is one of the finest auto-posting social media plugins. It will help you to reach more users through this plugin.
The plugin was first released in 2013 and the last update was in 2023.
It is an SEO-friendly, cost-effective, ad easily manageable WordPress plugin. It supports social media networks like LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, Youtube, Telegram, Medium, Reddit, etc.
Pricing:- $45 one time
No. Of Supported Social Media: 20
Users Rating:-  4.79 out of 5 from 151 reviews
AccessPress Social Auto Post (Plugin)
AccessPress Social Auto Post is another social media auto-posting plugin available for sale on Codecanyon. The plugin supports a limited number of social media networks including Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Tumblr.
The plugin is cheaper in comparison to other plugins but it has a limited number of features to access. The good thing is that you can connect multiple accounts in one place.
Pricing:- $26 one time
No. Of Supported Social Media: 4
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