What is open source software?

Open source or open source is called a software whose source code is open to all. Code of such software can be modified by any person, contributing to his development or using it for free in his own work. In the twenty-first century, Buddhist property rights will be an important role. Open source software has…

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woman with calculator and invoices

The Annual Financial Checklist

It’s important to maintain your automated financial system. Every year, I spend a few hours re-reviewing my system and making any changes necessary. For example, have I added subscriptions that I don’t need anymore? Should I adjust my Conscious Spending Plan to account for new short-term goals? Set aside some time every year—I recommend December…

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Google adsense payment screenshot

गूगल ऐडसेंस क्या है . what is google adsense and how to make money

क्या दोस्तों गूगल ऐडसेंस से पैसा कमाया जा सकता है? क्या मैं भी अपना ऑनलाइन बिजनेस स्टार्ट कर सकता हूं दोस्तों अगर आपके पास अगर वेबसाइट ब्लॉग या फिर कोई भी छोटी मोटी वेबसाइट है तो आप भी पैसे कमा सकते हैं गूगल ऐडसेंस के द्वारा. इसके लिए केवल जरूरी है आपके पास एक वेबसाइट…

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